Blue Vs White Parameter Values

in an earlier post ( i already talked about the automation of certain parameters, or rather the inautomatability (what?) of certain other parameters. i am making this separate thread because there is another striking difference between the way the blue and white values. this is a sort of combination-thread, and i’ll explain both.

Blue vs White Parameter Automation

As you can clearly see in picture A down here, there are blue and white values on this example device. you can also see that next to each white value there is a tiny checkbox for that parameter’s automation. next to the blue values, is nothing. because you cannot automate them. i’d like to be able to automate every single parameter.

a) The (infamous) EQ10. check it.

furthermore, the blue vs white behavior i’ve described above is inconsistent. there actually are blue values that can be automated, for example the drop-down menu for the filter type on the Flanger Device (picture B).
Aside from that, this inconsistent behavior is in itself again inconsistent with the class of operators to which it should belong. in non-puffin’ intellectual language: ‘While the filter type on the Flanger can be automated, the filter type on the Filter 3 (picture C)… wait for it… …cannot!’

B) Our friend the Flanger.

c) Filter the 3rd.

because of this inconsistency and just general weirdness, however cute it may be, i’d like to request for the blue and white values to be consistecized. or whatever.

on to my next point!

Blue vs White Click-Drag Setting
simple. the blue values allow changing through a click followed by a drag. the white ones do not. i find this kind of strange, because the blue values also allow click+type to set a value, as the white ones do, but with the white values it’s a single-click and with the blue values it’s a double-click. why not make this uniform? click+drag is nice to have on all value-boxes throughout Renoise.

i’d like for someone to look at this. and preferably change it according to my exact wishes.

nah, but seriously, it’s some strange, illogical and inconsistent behavior that i’d truly appreciate if someone would look into this and give me some explanation or something.

Yeh that’s indeed strange. :)

i use the default theme. do you use another theme where the value boxes are not differentiated like i described?

i agree that the white value boxes have sliders and are thus click-draggable. could be that is the reason why they are the way they are in comparison to the blue values.