Automate From Inside Vst Plug?

I got a 303 vst plug. I like the interface of it being like a real 303. Is there a way I can use that instead of VST automate device track DSP. As opposed to looking at the sliders in vst automate device I would like to automate using the knobs inside the VST.

If the VST does not offer automation abilities, you can’t automate from within the VST.
Plugins can have a very cool interface, but a VST is designed to become controlled and hardly to perform control itself.

Extended routing capabilities allow to give a VST some control or a VST should be able to load VST’s itself, but Renoise currently has not yet adopted very extensive routing technologies.

I think he is talking about VST GUI automation, which is unfortunatly not possible right now. Would love to see this too. In a lot of other hosts you can basically arm record and start tweaking and everything get’s recorded without setting up any parameters to be automated first.

When I have the VST automation device mapped to a VST parameter, I see that if I screw with the interface for the parameter the VST automate device updates to the correct value. Of course the problem is the only way to record changes in song is by right clicking the slider in the device while the song is changing. So I can’t use my fancy VST interface.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it would be nice if next to a parameter on the Automation device there was a check that says record all changes, so whenever a change is made while in Recording mode then that change is recorded in automation or as a pattern effect command.

I suppose this might cause some confusion when trying to setup the defaults on the instrument, but that is why the checkbox is there.

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i also want this. novation remote sl controls plugins by parameter automation (the sl controller has a vsti host that subthosts other plugins). if renoise allows to record vsti gui knob tweaking directly to the pattern then i can use the remote sl to record realtime automation to the pattern. (no, i dont want to map midi CCs to vst parameters in renoise)

How would you like to have that featured then?
Outside the VST GUI, Renoise can distiguish the left and the right mousebutton. Within the VST plugin GUI, a right-mouse button click is not send back to Renoise so Renoise will never know that you either want to record a parameter or simply give it a (temporary) static value.
An extra record toggle button next to the “enable keyboard” option in the frame of the plugin panel perhaps would do the job, but i am personally not fond the idea that i would have to toggle a button constantly on and off because i simply only want to temporary change one parameter and record another all the time.
Mapping midi parameters is usually the facto standard for this.

My minimal understanding of the VST api is that it has a host callback for sending information on the VST’s parameter changes. So you move a knob on the VST interface and the host gets told about it.

It does, but you don’t always want to record the value to automation or pattern effect command whenever that happens?
For record mode in the pattern editor, it is easy to grasp. But if you want to record a single value on a specific line in the automation, you also need to tell renoise that.
With the sliders for the parameters, you do that with a right mouseclick. But from within the VST GUI, that won’t do.

dont see the prob there.

a second checkbox on the bottom of the gui would do it. (next to the “enable keyboard” box)

the checkbox would invoke an automationdevice, armed with the params youve touched.
its a bit like the studio one/fl studio approach for preparing direct automation recording.
but i guess technically this isnt the best solution.

it would be very simple. if the renoise record button (the existing one) was on, every vsti gui knob that you tweak would be recorded into the pattern (as long as that vst parameter was already mapped with an automation device).
currently when you tweak the vst knobs the automation device already moves the sliders, it would just have to send that info into the pattern.