"Automate" Instr. Volume,Pan,Transpose,Finetune

would anybody else find any use in being able to automate the volume,panning,transpose,and fine tune sliders under the instr. settings? mainly would like to be able to automate the transpose slider for use in live triggering of samples to get those singing snare drums, amongst other things. …and what about being able to automate the loop function, being able to automate the distance between the start and end point of the loop. just a thought.


automating the transpose has been talked about many times…it would be nice for pitch bends other than using the tracker commands.

+1. A new meta-device with access to instrument parameters would be nice, similar to the automation device used for vsti. Perhaps they could be combined.

YES!! I would love to see this!!! really hope some day it will be possible to automate the transposing.

Actually any instrument param should be automateable and it is really weird that all the functinality is implemented for external instruments, but not for the own native XRNI format.

it’s getting a bit old, but i suppose all of this will be part of the planned .xrni rewrite. i think the reason this is not implemented in the native xrni is just because it would need to be rewritten first.

suggested here but +1

Have you seen this tool?



I am about to release the next version that allows you to midi map to the transpose/pitch sample or instrument rotary
I also wish there was some way I could access the instrument envelope to turn on the volume and change the decay/fadeout via LUA

seven scientist!!! thankyou! awesome tool!