Automate Loop Points

I think that it would be great to be able to attach either an automation or macro “knobs” to a sample loop’s start and/or end points.

It is easy to see that renoise is capable of doing something like this and you can listen to what it would sound like simply by dragging the endpoint / start-points around in the sample editor. I have made instruments where each key is the same sample, but with different loop points. This, however, doesn’t allow smooth transitions between loop points or sliding pitches when the loop is extremely small.

Very popular request :]

Please see the following sticky thread for a collection of common suggestions:

I stumbled across this thread a couple days ago…and it got me thinkin:

  1. surprise that loop/sample start isn’t automatable (yet?)…I could’ve sworn I came across sample start as a mappable parameter in RN and was looking forward to messing around putting that on a knob?
  2. does anyone have experience with a workaround that I’m contemplating, using an external sampler (in my case, KMPro2) that DOES midi-map sample start, in conjunction with RN? I could then use Rewire to bring a 2mix into RN. Viola, automated sample start, no? Anyone doing anything like this with RN?

You might be able to get some taste testing this tool:

But as the author is already aware of it:tools don’t run in the realtime thread so the effects can be strange during automated transitions.

Thanks, vV…I remember reading this in conjunction with this thread (when I came across the topic). Personally, I find automating sample start to be distinct from automating sample start as part of a loop. That may be a distinction without a difference for most, but I’d be happy just being able to move sample start in real time, say, for expressiveness based on velocity, regardless of whether the sample is looped.

But thanks for the link to the tool! I will check it out.

In your opinion, is it just a matter of time before RN has automatable sample start built in?

I am personally not sure, you might be able to change the tool to also move around slice points in the same fashion (thinking about moving the sample start).
As i hardly used anything else than either the Sample offset command or the slice markers to automate different offsets of a sample, knowing that i didn’t needed to alter the pitch of the sample, it was enough.
I have seen this request a couple of times in the past but not massively.