automatically sequencing effects on and off


I haven’t used Renoise in a long time (lost two harddrives, a motherboard, etc.) and am looking forward to using it again. I know this is an easy question, so I apologize in advance. What are the program codes to turn insert effects on and off? I used to know this, but I can’t seem to remember how to do it. Thank you.


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x000 (off) + x001 (on), where x is the effect (DSP) nr. in the chain. You could also go the easy way and just choose your commands from the “FX”-pulldown menu in the pattern-editor’s bottom line.

The even easier way imo is to right click the checkbox where you turn a device on/off. (Handiest when not having Follow on)


You can also right click on the individual effect sliders to set their values in the command lane, which is of course preferable to having to type them out like a f***ing animal.

Thank you!