The "Handy tips you failed to noticed in the past"-Thread

for 3 years I’ve always typed x0000 x0001 in the fx column to automate an effect on/off…like I was told in this thread:
Effect On/off In Automation Tab

today I read this thread:

automatically sequencing effects on and off

and to my surprise it’s as easy as rightclicking on/off on the fx!

Do you people have some handy tips you now use every day but failed to notice in the past?


I used to go to the Instrument Settings tab and click the Ext.Editor button a lot (for VSTi’s that is). I just recently noticed a simple double clicking in the instrument box does the job too.

You can press 0 on the num pad as well :)

How about some effect commands stack if you enter multiple of them in extra columns on the same row?
An easy one but not obvious to everybody.

“alt + t” to select whole track and “ctrl + c / v / x”; use “alt + 1 … 4” (4 independent clipboards) to switch t other clpboards
and dont forget f9, f10 , f11, f12 for 1/4 navigation in a pattern.
cursor for fine navigation and page up / down for fast navigation combined with editstep makes you overall faster.

Using renoise.

by :rolleyes: I guess you mean you did not actually fail to notice this in the past?

Nah, just that i had overlooked Renoise for way too long

btw this smiley

:rolleyes: <— this one

looks so fucking retarded :D :D :D

Wowwwww !!! I never noticed the Line Sync Section in the delay this is so freaking amazing !!! This function should be added to the ringMod !!!

It sucks when you change the song tempo though (clicky clicky samples)

If you just noticed right clicking the on/off switch on an effect turns it on or off. Try right clicking and tweeking a parameter while in record mode :D

Or even while not in record mode :P

That is something I’ve always found a bit of a bugbear personally! I don’t think right-clicking should enter the data in the pattern/automation unless record is enabled.

I agree… I guess not right clicking is obvious enough way to not record it but I do agree it’s kind of weird. Record on/off is only about notes and stuff edited by keyboard.

You can put group tracks, inside of group tracks!!! OMG, how cool!! I just found that out.


:yeah: :w00t:

Holding Control key enables one to set values on devices much more specifically precisely

I would recommend moving effects devices by accident for crazy alternative routing!

Right clicking transpose buttons jumps an octave, I was clicking 12 times. :rolleyes:

Yo dawg…

More about groups - recommendation: Assign Alt+G to “Select Whole Group” in keybindings.
Very useful to select an entire drumgroup, instead of manually drawing the selection for like 2000x1600 pixels, or whatnot.

Alt+G is by default unassigned in keybindings. Maybe it should be implemented as standard? Makes sense to me, since Alt+T selects a whole track.