Automatically Visible Sliders (Mixer)?

when you add certain instruments to the DSP chain, they get a particular slider automatically visible in Mixer View. this is for example true for the Cabinet Simulator, where the Gain-slider is shown. i’m not sure what rules currently govern this behavior, why it was decided to show a certain slider of a certain device in Mixer View as a standard - personally, i keep switching these to ‘show sliders > none’.

could someone tell me why one device has a certain slider shown automatically, while another has not?


maybe it’s just one of those things that will eventually be addressed when they get around to it…

They are all related to volume.

thanks for the answer! just checked and it is true, except for the XY-device.
i suppose the reason for this ‘design choice’ was that a loud device could be easily silenced?

Although related to volume in a way, for Cabinet Simulator the Gain (into PreAmp) is more an effect on sound, whereas the Dry Mix and Wet Mix sliders are more basic volume sliders, and by that argument would of been a better choice. Fair few other devices have Wet/Dry Amounts too.

As Mixer EQ has all three Gains it can’t be because that would be two faders, rather than one.

Threshold would seem to make more sense for Maximizer, rather than Ceiling (which seems to be Makeup Gain.)

What about a Context Menu to save your chosen default sliders? These would be shown each time you load a new device of that type.

This would be wonderful. Especially for external plugins.

If we’re going to do it for external plugins too I guess a separate file, rather than part of config.xml, would definitely be a good idea to go with!

well, my first concern was simply finding out the design decisions made with respect to this particular part of Renoise, out of curiosity.
i noticed that this happened because i was thinking about my feature request, to automatically make automated sliders visible (you’ll see me asking this same question there in that thread). this would be my most important request.
aside from that, i would like to have this setting available in config.xml, because, as i say in that thread as well, i always end up doing Show Visible Sliders > None. it clutters up my Mixer DSP chain and i don’t use them for anything.

Hi… I use shortcuts to load native and vst/au effects to trackdsp. Just recently have modified said shortcuts to also start up external editor automatically, and to have minimized trackdsp mode=on. Now modified the gainer + line in etc shortcut devices to also have[2].parameters[8].show_in_mixer=false  

(or similar). You can also toggle the parameters on in mixer view that you want. I’ll have to look into that, could be good!

It seems the simplest solution is to just incorporate specific parameters-visible to shortcuts that starts the plugins themselves, i.e. with little scripts.

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
name="Global:Track Devices:Load #Line Input",  
invoke = function()"Audio/Effects/ #Receive/#Line Input",2)[2].parameters[2].show_in_mixer=false  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
name="Global:Track Devices:Load #Multiband Send",  
invoke = function()"Audio/Effects/ #Send/#Multiband Send",2)[2].parameters[1].show_in_mixer=false[2].parameters[3].show_in_mixer=false[2].parameters[5].show_in_mixer=false  
end }  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
name="Global:Track Devices:Load Gainer",  
invoke = function()"Audio/Effects/ Native/Gainer",2)[2].parameters[1].show_in_mixer=false  

here are ways to get line input and multiband send and gainer to be “minimized” in the mixer view.