Automation/effect Commands/devices And Tools


I have developed Guru, which controls parameters of external synths via midi in real time either by twiddling the tool gui or by external controllers and midi mapping.

I’m thinking, what more cool things will scripting let me do with it? I’m not sure what I’m after here, just looking for options and ideas…

Is there any way to interact with the tool via pattern effect commands? Can tools respond to effect commands?

Can I use automation to affect a parameter of a tool? Can tools make things appear as assignable for automation?

Can automation device affect a tool? Signal follower?

For example; Guru has a slider that controls the VCF cutoff of a synth via sysex. What if I want to let a LFO device alter that parameter? Or signal follower?


Tools cannot be directly controlled, and I think that metadevice output values can not be ‘observed’ (to add a notifier).
You can however route anything to a Hydra’s input and you can read that value from a script, but not every subtick or whatever, so it’s gonna be slow (as is said, i believe, tools run in the “GUI thread” and thus do not get the same priority as audio thread stuff)
Formula devices are run in audio thread though, but they lack access to tools of course.
So at this point (without experimenting) I would say it’s not possible (same goes for pattern fx commands, you can read them from the pattern but not realtime or close… transport.pos_in_beats_observable ?? or sth?)

You can try a tricky thing by firing a notifier function by linking a notifier to a parameter value:[].devices[].parameters[].value, _observable
That way, the notifier gets fired the moment the parameter changes (by e.g. a pattern effect command or automation point). (I guess you can call this pretty instant)

Sort of, but it’s a total (yet awesome) hack:
@see: New Tool: Reverse Playback

Aha, I see…
Could I maybe add a command for guru in the effect col? 0xxx is for the samples 1-x s for something and Zxxx is for something.
What if you enter “G1234” (as in guru) and I read that?