Automation Zoom!

in the automation area, when you use 512 patterns, the lines are so close together that you cant really be sure which ones youve picked, im still trying to figure out how to do this. and hoping that the devs will put a zoom in there. because its really hard to get a precise point when these lines are so close together. its along the same idea of trying to cut a breakbeat without any way to zoom in to get a zero.

this is a kind of hybrid post because, i know the featire is not here. but, is there some type of work around to be able to get more precision in there?

also, after a point has been made in a 512 pattern, moving it around skips over lines.

Though Im a 128 pattern kinda guy, I can clearly see the use of this feature when working with long patterns.

But if a “Freeze” function is ever implemented I would probably start working with longer patterns for better continuity of effects (like reverb especially) between patterns.
That would for me increase the need of such a zoom function. And I have a feeling that such thinking is in the works in relation to the much anticipated arranger.

Did you know that the position where the cursor is located in the track is marked in the automation window. That may help to mark a location.

512 patternz ^