Autoseek (Enable For All Samples)

Maybe for the next beta , a autoseek enable for all samples in the preferences?

Edit : Maybe wav import box could be a nice place to put it in . Could save me some time this !

Not exactly what you asked for, but I when I read this I thought it could be a fun script to write, so I did.

It will put “Autoseek All” in the Tools menu. “True” will turn on autoseek for all samples. “False” will turn off autoseek for all samples.


function autoseek_all(my_bool)  
 local rns =  
 local total_instruments = #rns.instruments  
 for i=1,total_instruments do  
 local total_samples = #rns.instruments[i].samples  
 for j=1,total_samples do  
 rns.instruments[i].samples[j].autoseek = my_bool  
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {  
 name = "Main Menu:Tools:Autoseek All:True",  
 invoke = function() autoseek_all(true) end  
renoise.tool():add_menu_entry {  
 name = "Main Menu:Tools:Autoseek All:False",  
 invoke = function() autoseek_all(false) end  

Tool (Renoise 2.7 only):
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It is very nice, but I tend to not use tools.
As I already suspected when the tools were added in 2.6 ,
because of the changes the tools are not compatible with 2.7 and I espect because of future changes I will see more of these troubles.
But for who uses tools. Great !!!

There should be less troubles with Tools in the future. The tools site is getting overhauled. Some work done on auto-updates AFAIK.

The reason Autoseek is not enabled for all samples is that it is very processor intensive and time consuming. This was explained on July 2010 in this post by sharevari (the creator of the feature).

Because of this, I don’t forsee your feature request making it into the core product. Disallowing was a design decision.

With the power of scripting, however, you can do what you want :)

thnx for the script Conner.

I’ve just reinstalled everything on a new pc but this script (in post 2) has got lost on the way. Is it easy to convert it into an xrns? Any help much appreciated.

Yes this would be very straightforward to add to an xrnx
Take a look at the Renoise example tool
Paste the snippet in the example tool, reload, and the menu options will appear for you.

Brilliant, that worked! Thank you asafebgi

Hi, is there a tool to do this?
Would like to toggle Autoseek on/off for all, or a subset of highlighted samples?