Axiom 49

lookin at buyin one of these tomorrow… anyone got opinions on them, anyone know how useful they are with renoise? apparently they are very friendly with reason :D

It’s to expensive i think… You can get better midi-controllers for that price… And unfortunately you can’t use the trigger pads in renoise, yet. (I think)

I like mine and when i got it i didnt notice anything with the same spec for the price. There might be now though… The pads work fine for me. Perhaps you need to reassign which keys they trigger or which notes a kit of samples is assigned to in renoise as they dont trigger the same as renoises auto create kit command.

Personaly i think they re pretty good. They key action is decent “semi wieghted” and the pads feel ok.
The knobs and sliders are ok but ive tried ones that feel a bit more solid.

I got axiom 25 and its working damn fine with RNS.

Please explain how you can use trigger-pads in renoise. Because I have not figured that out…

If they’re anything like the pads on my Novation Remote SL 25, they can be assigned to various different types of MIDI messages including note on, MIDI CC (the value sent is based on velocity), etc., so what it actually does is really up to you. For example, I just mapped 2 of my pads to trigger MIDI notes for the kick and snare sounds from ADM VSTi, while a third pad was MIDI CC mapped to the drive level of a distortion effect in Renoise, so the harder I hit the pad the more distorted it gets.

If you can’t get them to trigger anything inside Renoise, then maybe they are not yet assigned to output anything useful?


Yeah, allright. I know I can use button/knobs/pads to change sliders in renoise. Sorry for being unclear about what i meant. The only thing I was thinking about was mapping the pads to samples/notes

Ah, ok… If you are talking about assigning each pad to a unique instrument/sample in Renoise, then I can understand your problem now. But that is not something that is limited to certain MIDI controllers - I can’t do that on mine either for example.

There would need to be some functionality included in Renoise to assign or lock instruments to certain MIDI channels for this to work correctly, then we could trigger specific instruments (or groups of instruments all on the same channel) from our MIDI controllers without manually selecting that instrument in Renoise first.


I think it’s a decent controller, been using the axiom 49 for awhile now after going thru 3 edirol pcr-50s. these axioms are built alot tougher and have really nice keys.

I have the Axiom 61, and I can map the Pads to any note or MIDI Channel by selecting the Pad and the editing the controller information, MIDI Channel and Note Data via the keypad. I can assign the Pads to any combination I want.

I really like the Axiom 61. The only feature missing in Renoise is the ability to control the Renoise Transport via the Transport controls. Reason and Reaper recognise the Transport controls straight away, but I haven’t found any way to get Renoise to recognise them.



I love my Axiom 25! My only wish is that they add transport control support to Renoise. It would be nice to be able to access the controls via my Axiom. A recording pre-count would be very desirable as well.

Please tell me how to do that… :blink:

booooring… :P

True, so true, my friend. . … . …

No I don’t. I don’t have any Axiom, and I don’t have It’s manual. And I pretty sure I never gonna get one either :)

The whole reason I was asking about the pads is because I’m a little interested in Korg Padkontrol, akai mpd 24, or something similar. And I know it has been discussed earlier here on the board. And I thought it was impossible to map samples/instruments to Pads… So It would be really great if someone, with experience from midi-pads, could make some kind of tutorial.

What are the cheaper better ones?

Most of the Renoise information you need to know is here:

and here:

The hardware side of it would be controller-specific. The way I assign MIDI note numbers and channels with the Axiom 61 is probably different to the way you’d do it with a PadKontrol, but any hardware controller that allows you to change MIDI note numbers and channels should be compatible with Renoise.



I’ve got an Axiom 25 and I really love it… If I had enough space, I would probably be using an Axiom 49 right now… I would really enjoy those 9 sliders and the 2 extra octaves.

My advice is to buy the Axiom 49.


Thank you, but after 4 years with renoise I think I know how to using midi and samples. :blink:

don’t have any midi controller with DRUM PADS! So It’s pretty hard for my to try, isn’t it?

I have tried to map the “buttons” on my xiosynth (in midi-mode) to samples/instruments. But no success… I guess drumpads acts pretty much the same, but have no clue. Thats why I was asking!

Is there anyone that use Akai mpd 16/24, M-audio Trigger finger or Korg padkontrol with to trigger samples/notes in renoise? If so, please tell me how. Don’t refer to any tutorial or manual , because I have already read it!

I guess It’s impossible then… :huh: