Background color change behind all notes/OFF/FX in pattern -

I found something similar, but it’s been about six years since it’s been mentioned. It would be really neat to be able to have the notes/OFF/FX portions of the pattern editor screen to be able to be a different color, like when the cursor is over a note, how the colors switch. An option for those who want even more stuff to look at.

That being said, it may be visual over-stimulation. I just like grids :smiley:

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if it is implemented I would like to be able to disable it.
I really like the current view of the screen as it hardly distracts me. but it’s worth thinking about it.


Yep, I agree. Some days I get to thinking too hard about stuff. It’s not necessary at all. Would be too ‘busy’.

In Madtracker 2 (no longer updated but open-source), there is a neat command that lets you turn on/off visual effects (scope related) using a command in the effects colum; it looks pretty cool!

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