Backwards Command Not Working Properly

i dont know if anyone gets this but if i have a sound that is synced to a specific number of lines and i use the pattern command b0 at the very end of the sample sometimes it works and other times it just doesnt do it???its really strange

i had this problem too, during the beta´s, but it was my fault because i´ve used the “B0” on the delay column. make sure it`s not set there.

thats where i was using it…


the delay column uses values from 0 to ff as far as i know, that`s why b0 didn´t work :) so, you set a $b0 delay instead of revers the sample.

ok thanks.

no its happening in the effect column too… … . . . . . . :panic:

I think taktik said something about this not so long ago, but I can’t for the life of me recall what thread that was in sorry. I think it was something about how pattern lines (or ticks even) usually don’t last exactly the same amount of samples (because samples rate + speed = rounding required), so yeah, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think it’s fixable, and I guess the workaround would be trying to start the sample with a very small, as in 0x01. Depending on the sample and your song that just might work?

Note that I may be speaking utter bullshit here, but I guess in that case it will be corrected soon :D

I thought there exist a problem when not using the first effect column with some commands. Taktik has this fixed but won’t be in effect until the next update.
I don’t know if this is also related to the 0b command. (I’m currently at work so i can’t check atm)

For the record:I always use 0B vol/pan command in combination with 09xx to supply it with an offset. I experienced the 0B command not doing anything without a 09xx offset when i first attempted to use it.

i think you are talking about this.

to my understanding, there is no such problem in 2.5 but there was in 2.1, so this has already been fixed and, unless tobyox is still using version 2.1, there must be something else wrong with it. Johann is right: taktik mentioned something about this recently, and as far as I remember he said that he could not do anything in order to avoid it, anyway I will look deeper into the forum to see if I can find the topic.

the topic I was referring to is this one

Before we start debate who said what and when:

ToybOx: Could you please upload a small example where retriggering does not work for you?

shit how do i do that?im sorry but im a bit slow in the head,2.5 im using btw.also i just changed the sample that was supposed to be playing backwards to a longer one to allow for the extra time needed for it to work.i had the original synced to 16 l and at the start of the next 16 lines i had bx.sometimes it worked sometimes it didnt…

if you run out of alternatives, send the module to taktik@…com