:( Bad Midi Recording. Leaving Renoise Now :(

I thought renoise could do what others daws did. In some way it exceeds. But in one crucial way it is an epic failure. The way it handles note offs, not able to record stabby short midi notes, not intelligent enough to allow note offs to over lap or at least put the other note on another bar so it does not interfere and cut the note off for cascading polyphonic notes.

I don’t have time now to wait for a patch for them to fix it. So I am back to cubase 5 now knowing that the audio engine’s are the same. Cubase sx 2 was bad, but cubase 5 sounds good now so. Ableton sucks at midi, step editing sucks on it. I hate how sonar does everything. I love renoise, but this note off thing is a deal breaker for stabby bass lines and stuff that is funky that needs different note lengths.

Not to mention it quantizes the note lengths when quantize is on, this is plain stupid. I will come back to renoise if and when they fix this, but for now I can no longer recommend this app for any serious music recording, for drums its great, for notes its not at all.



Why don’t you just type type in the note data? I don’t understand you people who need to play everything in realtime…

You can’t, there is no negative setting on note off .


?? the problem is if there is some way it sucks cause i would have to edit it manually after the fact, it should just record my performance.

If you need to record shorter notes with more tightly positioned note off commands, then you need to increase the resolution of your patterns. To do this you should increase your LPB (Lines Per Beat) by some factor of 2: ie, from 4 to 8, or from 8 to 16, etc. You should also use the Advanced Edit tools to expand your pattern data to fit the new LPB setting. With more resolution to work with you can easily insert note off commands that cut off the note more rapidly and create a more ‘stabby’ sound.

An example: (Renoise 2.7.1 song)
2100 renoise-stabby-note-offs.xrns

If you simply need to cut the note without using a volume envelope, then another option is to use the note cut command Fx in the volume or panning columns, although this will not actually be recorded during live performances.

i’ve had great success recording into renoise w/ various controllers. making sure chord mode is on and setting the LPB to 32 (i usually make the blocks a length of 100 or 200 in hex mode) is what allowed me to get solid real time recording w/ midi guitar and electronic drums. only have issues if i quantize the information after recording, so i dont bother w/ that much. maybe a bit off topic of any solution you are after.

if in 16 lines per beat what should i put the quantize at to get 16th note quantize?

Is there a way to convert all my 4 lines per beat songs to 16 lines per beat without fucking it up?

There are usually four 16th notes in a beat. Therefore a 16th note in Renoise is always going to be your LPB value divided by 4.

  • 1/16th = 1 line @ 4 LPB
  • 1/16th = 2 lines @ 8 LPB
  • 1/16th = 4 lines @ 16 LPB

and so on…

Short answer:
Yes. Advanced Edit > Whole Song > Expand

Long answer:
Yes, but it depends on the length of your original patterns. The main thing to keep in mind is that patterns can be a maximum of 512 lines long. Every time you use the expand function you are doubling the length of your pattern. Assuming you’ve used the default pattern length of 64 lines, then you can expand a total of three times before you’ll hit the limit: 64 lines to 128 lines (4 LPB to 8 LPB), then from 128 lines to 256 lines (8 LPB to 16 LPB), and then finally from 256 lines to 512 lines (16 LPB to 32 LPB).

With a bit of careful consideration it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I prefer using Mogue’s tool for this as it also automatically converts all beatsynced values of instruments to the new lbp.

I recorded all my patterns at 128 legnth, to go to 16 lines per beat, how long would i need to make the pattern legnth, and how many expands should i do?

Can’t you count and try out yourself?

You need 2 expands:

  • Expand #1: 128 lines @ 4 LPB → 256 lines @ 8 LPB
  • Expand #2: 256 lines @ 8 LPB → 512 lines @ 16 LPB

But… yeah, Jonas has a very good point. There’s already an existing tool designed for this job that I had simply forgotten about. Might be a good idea to give that a try first.

You can find it here further down in the thread that Jonas linked to: Snippet: Convert Song From Lpb4 To Lpb12

Download the .XRNX to your desktop or something, and then drag the .XRNX file into Renoise to install it. The tool will then be available to use from the Tools main menu.

Seems like these concepts are new to him (as they are to many other users at first), so let’s give him a break please? Just trying to be helpful here. :)

Did what was said, still wotn record what I actually play, no matter what settings i use.

This sucks, cubase 5 is spot on, even with latency comp, and not offs on etc. never records the note length right even at max lines per beat. bah.

you are so predictable, I knew it was coming to this.

Renoise is good for programming song, not good at all for performing them and recording them :(


Rewire Renoise to Cubase, use Cubase for what you think it does better at, use Renoise for what you think Renoise is better at.

Horse power, running two daws, no, i cant unless i get an i7 processor, even my quad core would choke on my plugs if i had both going :(

You can simply double or quadribble the LPB and then increase the pattern size x2 or x4 (if you don’t want to have short patterns that scroll quickly out of vision) to be able to record staccato notes.
What’s the deal here?
What you want is simply possible, just not on a low LPB ratio.