Bangface Weekender - April 2008

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

cannot wait for this!

i cant believe it’s 110 pounds (nearly 200 euros !!!)

  • plane ticket from france + beer money = no way 4 me

anyway i’ve allready seen bogdan rascynski and VS, i’m just a bit miffed about squarepusher…

i cant believe english kids have that kind of money to spend !!!

OMG I think Izotope Ozone plugin will have to wait :D

W - T - F

I mean, yeah, the line-up is great and such, but what the hell are they thinking? 160¤?! forget it. I love breakcore parties, but this has to be a joke. :blink:
damn they must be insane.

Chas & Dave are playing? :wacko:

which is especially expensive in the UK …

Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, Altern8, Ceephax, Aaron Spectre, Luke Vibert, MuZiq, Bogdan Raczynski, Kid 606 and many many more.

How could it NOT be €160!? And it just so happens I’ll be in London in April!! :D :D :D

Yeah, this looks pretty awesome. Maybe i’m saving my pennies too… Wishful thinking at best, but just maybe…

So… not only will I see ALL my fave acts, but ALSO my fave Renoise users?! Some say the Hex make the X better!

I mean, yeah, it would be the most awesome thing to go ever, but what the heck. I’d have to fly there, sleep there, AND 160¤ just for the ticket.

If this was in august or july, yes please, I’d come, but the date is shitty for me too :confused: maaan. I wish there were parties like that in austria :(

It does seem expensive, but no more pricey than any other weekend festivals! (Glade for example)

I am going to be working all thru my summer holidays though haha

Going to be wicked though. :D

I’m playing 25-01-08 in Vienna with RAXYOR, SIM ON KOR FUNKLE, ATIQ, CHARLY LINCH, STP CREW, X&TRICK and many more…
financial damage is ¤0,00 and it’s in a place called FAVORITEN!! or something.
The event is called ‘ABCD Anniversary’, so there ARE parties like that in Austria! ;)

I know there are, but not as big and great
I read about that party today. funny :) I’m going to come

the elevate festival in graz was great too. they had a breakcore floor, which was accessable with an elevator, and it was on the top of a mountain which is right in the middle of the city. and the floor was under the clock tower, underground in an old part of a castle (which napoleon wanted to be destroyed, which it was).
it was awesome. with pisstank, teknoist, gromov and so on

but I want more of that! two or three parties in a year is not enough :( but it’s getting better :)

oh and favoriten is a district of vienna, so it could be anywere ;)

I’m gonna go. :P

STP Crew is working hard to bring life to a ‘breakcore scene’ in Vienna. I think they are the
only guys who bring parties like that on a regular basis, but I’m not sure cause I’ve only been
there once. I agree it’s nothing really big, but it’s good music and good partay atmosphere :)
Anyway, forget about the spamming, sorry!

I’ve been wanting to go to a Bangface edition for quite some time! Nice to see at least SNARES is going :P

someone tell me wtf is breakcore anyway. I like rough and relentless electronic music. :)

hell. just listening throgh a squarepusher live set. maybe I’m coming too. the line-up is just too f****ing awesome :D bongra, both Aarons, scotch egg etc.
I hope there is nothing in school. I have no idea when the final exams start :confused:
edit: just looked up, seems like I’m having a free week that time :D

but omg, the money. I could afford it, but I doubt if any of my friends would go there with me.
this will be a lot of convincing work :D

Muha, I got DJ Scotch Egg’s elbow in the eye for a mere ¤6 :D

Sold. :ph34r:

Hey latest acts confirmed ;)

Model 500 (Live) - Juan Atkins is joined by Mad Mike Banks for the First ever UK Live show

Phil Hartnoll - Orbital DJ Set + LONG RANGE show

Modeselektor (Live) + The Flashbulb (Live) + Richard Devine (Live)

Hype + Tickets: