Basic Tracker Alternative to Renoise?

Hi all, hope you are well.

I have a 2003 laptop that has Windows Vista (yikes) on it and I have attempted to install Renoise but no joy, the PC also does not have an internet connection.

Is there another Tracker out there that is known to function on basic PCs and has similarities to Renoise, some VST support maybe?

Or is it time for me to dig out FT2 and get all nostalgic? :smiley:

Thx in advance.

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Check out Madtracker, it has excellent FT2 suport, does run VST’s (v2), and has some automation.

Take a look at SunVox

But, now that I think of it, there’s no VST support.

Thanks both of you, I will try both of them :smiley:

You can also use OpenMPT (last version which support Vista is 1.28, or try new test version 1.30 RETRO),also why do not try to download old Renoise version: 2.1 or 2.8 .


Thanks, OpenMPT seems the best that I have tried so far (on my Windows 10 machine at least).

I was very surprised with how badly I got on with MadTracker as I had expected this to be the best alternative! Samples loaded as white noise and that was after the third install attempt which installed then asked me if I wanted to open MT but then said it couldn’t find the file! The first attempt to download it attempted to install sth dodgy too :frowning:

Good point! I used Renoise 2.7 with Windows XP 32bit on a 2008 PC for more than 8 years and it worked perfectly. This should also work on a 2003 laptop with Windows Vista.

I can also recommend SkaleTracker, which is a FastTracker clone for free. It was my DAW from 2008 to 2011 right before Renoise was recommended to me. You can download it right here. But I’m not sure how many VSTs are supported. It’s probably not that much, but as far as I know there is some VST support.

Thanks, I will grab the old Renoise versions.

Renoise and Protrekkr are both based on an earlier tracker named Noisetrekkr. The Free/Libre Open Source Software source code to Protrekkr is at this Github link and it has a win32 binary in the archive under release/distrib/ called ptk_win.exe so I think if you take the contents of the distrib folder and copy it to a memory stick, it should work.

I use it on Manjaro Linux though I had to build the previous release from source and use the OSS emulator under PulseAudio to get it to work. Although it doesn’t have VST support it does have synths and 303s. I see that the file requester on Renoise claims to load .PTK files still but the example songs don’t work from Protrekkr release 2.5.5 on Renoise that I can tell.

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