Be able to play phrases with one hit?

(MonsterRadioMan) #1

So just an idea, and not sure if I can explain it well?

I think it would be cool to play entire phrases with just one press instead of only when you hold it down.

I think it would be neat of you could hit say a drum pad and have it play an entire phrase without having to stay pressed.This could be cool if you play say, a drum pattern and add a live feel? Maybe it wouldn’t be as cool as it seems in my head. lol

Just seems like it would be cool for live purposes.

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(shr) #2

Click the “Hold” button :)

(MonsterRadioMan) #3

That’s exactly what I’m talking EXCEPT can you re-trigger it? The hold button allows it to play with a single press, but you can’t keep doing it. When you hit it again it stops. So what I’m thinking, is trigger one play through with a single press and then retrigger. This could be really useful I think!

(cupcake) #4

I agree, re-triggering would be a useful feature.

(Cas) #5

Hold should come in two styles, one like it is now, one that always retriggers (quickly gives note-off before retriggering perhaps)