Beat Mapping

is there an equivalent to beatmapping in renoise? in connection with samples that don’t really really fit on a grid exactly, i mean.

e.g. i record my own samples of music where ever i find it and more often than not, it doesn’t grid very well. what i end up doing is slicing the sample on the sample editor and changing the number of beats on the pattern editor. the info on pp 78-79 of the manual seems a bit incomplete. or maybe i’m just a doofus.

thanks for any help,


I’m not sure i quite understand you. Are you looking for a way to make samples fit better with the grid? I’m not really familiar with beatmapping. But i’m guessing you might be looking for something like the sample offset command. 09xx is the command, more info here: Effect Commands - Renoise User Manual

But if you could explain it better i might be able to help you better, but i expect someone with more skills will help you soon enough ;)

Okay, i checked out beatmapping. it’s in Logic right? So what you wanna do is get the click, or renoise playback speed to align with the sample, and not the other way around? I don’t know any way of doing this except experimenting with the tempo commands of renoise, and that seems way harder than the logic technique. but as i say, not really 1337, so maybe someone else knows a good way to do this.

Perhaps you’re talking about making a sample loop (like a drum loop, for example) fit into whatever your song tempo is, so that it stays in sync with the pattern?

If so, then take a look at Instrument Settings > Sample Properties > Sync:

As an aside, check out Pattern Length From Sample (as seen in dBlue’s signature).

renoise is not a sonic foundry app, but i think you can find plenty of ways to do time stretching, beat syncing/matching, etc. now o’ days outside of your daw or inside of it with a vst. inside renoise, look into dblue’s suggestion (sync). yeah, that will change the pitch. The Rubberband Timestretch/Pitch-shift tool prolly does the rest of what you are looking for. i haven’t played with that in a while, but i remember that working pretty well.

how i do it, and admittedly this is not a complete solution at all, but, usually i do that stuff at least in part manually. i think you will find renoise well suited for that approach, if you try it. good fun, at least, even if nothing comes out of it.

thanks guys.

will check out your suggestions when i get home.