Crop Patternlength(S) To Length In Time Of Selected Sample

Ey dunno how useful this one can be for everybody, but maybe a script daddy can help and we can find out? :)

To have a tool somehow adjust the patternlength according to the length in time of a selected sample (basekey c4 as default) keeping the bpm & lbp settings in mind (or maybe that doesn’t even matter?) .

It doesn’t make much sense using this on very small samples and when samples are longer then 512 lines maybe it can be (optionally) divided over multiple patterns?

I think this tool could be interesting for more experimental music, stuff without a predetermined beat, fieldrecording montages.


Gave this tool its own dedicated thread:

Updated for Renoise 2.7

Fucking hell m8, that is amazingly quick! Will try it out, cheers!

Just fixed a little bug with the BPM. Re-download it if you need to.

Just updated it to v1.01.

Added a third button Set BPM which keeps the original pattern length, but adjusts the song BPM so that the sample length matches the pattern length.

Not what you originally asked for, but I figured it would be useful anyway :)

I was planning to do some kind of Tempo Calculator tool with all sorts of useful calculations, so this is actually good practise!

Your update works perfect here!


wat? Another update :) oooh smart function, could be useful yeah.

Ha, this is a great tool!


Cheers :D

Very interesting idea from Jonas, so cheers to him also for suggesting it!

It turned into a very nifty little thing indeed. I think it makes perfect sense to roll this functionality into my other Pattern Resizer tool, and then beef that up with some other super nifty pattern mangling tempo wizardry. Woo!

Great tool when making remixes :)

Brilliant tool!

More ideas:
To detect dynamically changes in tempo, and inserting bpm pattern commands. :dribble:
When you play an instrument live, without metronome you often change tempo dynamically. Increasing/decreasing tempo all the time to create the correct “feeling”. Sometimes very subtile, other times very obvious.
Would be great to convert this to bpm changes all the way through the pattern, so that its easy to track on top of this.
You would have to manually tell where beats are. Could be done in the sample editor by selecting the start of each beat? Or move the sample loop marker to the correct location for one beat at a time?
I guess if renoise ever got a slicer tool or some other multi marker tool in the sampleeditor, this could be much easier done in one go.
Another option is to manually tap the tempo along with the recording you just did, and then convert the tapping to BPM’s, either directly by tapping a button(like the TempoTap tool bantai already made ?) , or you can record a new "tapping tempo sample that is easier to analyze directly and convert to BPM’s.

“tappable” tempo track which smooths out bpm changes is a cool idea. generally it’s hard to deal with fluctuating tempos in sequencers.

impressive how fast this was done!

Fluctuating tempos = swing/groove.

awesome tool indeedgreat job

the xrnx is a macro for this? where do i place it and how do i utilize it?


simply download the file and drag&drop it on Renoise.

complete help here

amazing! thank u!

Just tried this out.

Have to add to the chorus of Great Tool!

Edit: could a mod move this to the XRNX forum?

I’m actually going to start dedicated new threads for the handful of random tools like this which I’ve posted recently, just so they all have a proper home that is easy to find. When I eventually feel happy that they’re working well enough, then I’ll also post them to

Cool, thanks

hm the results are a bit bizar but correct , It seems that the tool always chooses this bizarre numbered pattern length , when trying to calculate BPM and pattern length combined
I loaded a loop, executed 'set pattern length and bpm , the result was a suggested bpm of 120.7 and an unusual pattern lentgh of 43 , altough it did loop correctly , the bpm was not exact because of the pattern length and it was a regular 4/4 beat of 180 bpm .
Otherwise , great tool for calculating bpm, but combined with pattern it gives some strange results