Beat Slice/Pattern (Automatically Put Slices Into Pattern)

If it exists i haven’t been able to find it
How do you get the pattern steps from a sliced beat ? (Like the chromatic MIDI Recycle and all other beat slicers give you)

If it doesn’t exist it would be an FR i guess

What do you mean with this? That you can auto insert note programming in the pattern editor of a sliced beat?

Thats how every other beat slicer works
I just assumed Renoise would eb the same
Seems strange not to have the ability to insert the slices into the pattern automatically in their original timing

good point, could use a button for that in the beatslicer (or have it made an option in the settings to do this by default)

Indeed. Think of the possibilities. You could select any track of your song, Render Selection to Sample - and then Slice_to_Instrumentmap AND output the timing-perfect notes that toggle the slices at the exact right times. It’d be absolutely fuckin amazing - until they figure out a way to do the render-selection-to-instrumentmap+midi without having to stop playback - then it’ll be pure perfection.

Yeah I wanted this too.
It will only be usefull if it’s in sync with the song.
Even better if rex is supported and you can hear a realtime preview in sync with the song when selecting a rex in the browser :yeah:

I don’t know what you really expect from the slice marker routine and to be honest i also don’t actually understand what you mean by “original timing”, but you have the ability to sync each slice individually to specific amounts of lines.
Is this the part that you desired sort of automatically precalculated? Or am i misunderstanding your request completely?

Yeah i guess you haven’t used a beat slicer before vV thats all
Basically all the other beat slicers out there, when they slice the beat they also give you a MIDI file for triggering said slices (In our case here that would be a pattern track obviously) this plays the slices back in the original timing from the loop that you sliced, so even though it is now sliced it sounds exactly like the loop before you sliced it, if needs be i can make you a video of some of the other beat slicers out there if you like, showing how they accomplish it
Actually i even posted a Renoise tutorial on you tube long ago (Still there i think) showing how to use that MIDI data from Recycle and Reaper (Again two slicers that actually give you this info)

Here you go:

The only plugin i used that had a beatslicer was Kontakt’s Adrenaline. I can assure you, this plugin doesn’t support any of this kind of feature, but i guess the more modern beatslicer tool has progressed a lot since then.

But i found your tutorials and now i understand what you mean…

But it looks like dBlue is again to the rescue :)

dblue has done a great stop gap tool (Many thanks for that :D) however this needs to be an integral feature where by you can save the patterns and variations to use and chane and swap at will
This combined with the ability to swap the sliced instrument to a different sliced instrument will be a very powerful feature, and allow people like myself to post libraries of sliced beats and so on for others to use.

I for one am eagerly awaiting the future (when it goes native Renoise) additions to this functionality. :ph34r: