Beat Slicer Sync Setting

Am I correct in assuming that if a sample was set to sync to something, all the slices should also have sync enabled? This seems not to be the case. Am I missing something?
2.7 rocks though :slight_smile:

No, you can sync each slice individually. If you want to set the sync for all slices, simply select all the slice slots in the list and then hit the sync checkbox, then all slices are being synced to the same amount of lines set with just one mousclick.

Yes the individual slices are also synced but you have to use the 09oo effect command for that
example …slice beat in 4 slices …sync beat to sample .
INsert sample …note c3 ( this is the only note/key that syncs ) now 0901 ( triggers firtst slice , 0902 triggeres seceond etc …
If you use the individual keys c3,c#3,d3,d#3etc mapped across the keyboard ) the slices are not synced …this way we have best of both worlds

just found out we can sync indivual slices , we can do it manually too
great implementaion of the beatslicer guys …

Oh, could have thought of this myself :)
Works great, neat addition…

Hi, i’m just playing around with the new functions of 2.7b and I LOVE the new beat slicer, it’s amazing! B)

But i got the same problem: if one got a beat and want to sync it to the song tempo, then one mostly wants to sync the slices too in the same manner - means not to the same amount of lines, because mostly the slices are of different length…
It is possible for now with a few steps: turn off the sample sync option. Select all sample slice slots and apply the same values for Transpose and Finetune using the “apply current beatsync values…” button. That’s it.

But you have to do it every time you change your tempo or your slides. So it would be nice, if there is a checkbox in slot 00 “sync all slices to the same amount…” or something like this! That’s not so hard, isn’t it?

+1 for auto finetuning all slices according to original loops sync setting. Would be great if this was also implemented in Dblue’s slices to pattern script: New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Slices To Pattern