Beat Slicer

i should probably dream-on but if this was in renoise! i’d be sooo happy!

check out my dodgy ms paint drawing! i screwed up lol, i meant to have 16 and only put 15 but it doesn’t matter, you get my drift…

Yeah that could be cool. I think the major advantages of this would be the speed at which you could slice stuff up and the ability to have each slice as an individual sample / instrument.

It would be good as well to have the slice markers display each 09xx value across the sample for easy referencing to the 09xx effect.

even better imo would be if you could just trigger the slices via command something like 0SXX [s for slice]

0S01 triggers first slice
0S0A tenth slice etc…

but i’d love to see something like this for sure in renoise, with it renoise could probably read and convert rex files into renoise instruments.

Thats a wicked idea mate!

Yeah a slice triggering command!

This is just an upgrade on the standard 09xx command though isnt it, so I am not sure how willing the devs would be to implement this…

I hope they do though!

yeah man! we need to sign up a petition for a proper beatslicer or somthing, renoise would rock even more with this! I will PM the programmers with this idea too incase they haven’t seen this fred… I reckon they WILL do it :)

Yeah nice idea. I was thinking of something like that too. Now I have to keep loading up the drum loop and using the trim function to get the individual hits. Maybe in the future there could be a feature to split where the difference between the amplitude of two waves becomes larger then a threshold, thereby chopping up the beat automatically even if all the drum sounds are not evenly placed. Anyway, I am not begging for it. Let the Renoise programmers do what they think is best next.

+1 to some variation of the MS-Paint interface linked to 0SXX command.

A very nice idea. Along with above, this feature would be very helpful in working with long samples. Assume you could enter an initial value for the length of each slice in pattern lines (e.g 4 lines, 8 lines, 16 lines…) and renoise would create the appropriate slices which could also automatically change with tempo… It can be a great solution for working with long samples, which is currently a very serious weakness of renoise. :)


I think we already have beat slicing in ReNoise which is adjustable on the fly:

09xx. ;)

:rolleyes: no, this poster must be anti junglist.

it’s not really the same thing, i’m personally making d&b tunes but i don’t find 9xx to be very usefull comparing to manual chopping of hits. with longer loops sample offset accuracy is lower and lower - that’s where slice triggering would be much more accurate. and still writing beats in this way ::

C-4 900 <-kick
C-4 910 <-hihat
C-4 91F <-snare
C-4 910 <-hihat
C-4 910 <-hihat
C-4 900 <-kick
C-4 91F <-snare

is much more painful than having them simply mapped on keyboard in renoise instrument


that’s why I chop my breakbeats and save them as renoise instruments, beat slicer would be great tool to simplify this process. Of course i know that you can just match the tempo and trigger only parts of the breakbeat but if you’re not after heavily pitched up/down samples this is not an option.

Yeah that’s good B-Complex. Agree 100%

If you dig around the forum a bit more you’ll see that this issue has been brought up a few times in various different forms.

[edit - didn’t see b-complex’s post]

The thing that I’d like to see is the same thing b-complex mentioned earlier - a slice triggering command. You would define markers/slices (accurate down to a single sample point) inside the sample editor, and these would get numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. Then you would trigger these slice points by using 0901, 0902, 0903, etc. (or whatever the new command would be).

I like the generate drumkit idea too, but I would probably just use the slice trigger 99% of the time.



And then how about the ability to render each slice as a seperate sample/instrument…

(and to be able to choose the output route, so you can dictate the VST chain; ie Master, Track x, Send x, etc… just like the sample pre-hear routing)

They are very different dear friend if you pay more attention.

Well, no disrespect, it just sounds like you’re looking for something more intuitive and quick. Personally, I like the flexibility that’s there now…if nothing else, maybe an automated chopper…i.e. select start/end points then auto create samples from the original loop and you can work from there to assign them keys. I think the slice command would be redundant considering the options available already. Just my ignorant opinion I guess… :\

The problem is that the 09xx command can be very inaccurate if the drumloop isn’t quantised perfectly - which 99.99% of live drum breaks are not. Imagine if a snare sound is somewhere inbetween 090F and 0910 and the difference is just enough to ruin the feeling of the beat when you reprogram it in the pattern. You really don’t have any options there to fix it - it’s not like you can do 090F.5 or something. All you can do is cut out the individual hits and resequence those, which is fine but it can be quite time-consuming and a pain in the ass. Adding slice points into the loop itself which can be positioned EXACTLY on the attack of the snare drum and then triggered with a simple command would be really awesome. I wouldn’t have to manage 16 individual samples just to work with an amen or funkydrummer break, it could all be contained in one loop with slice points… nice!

This doesn’t just apply to beats either. Imagine you have a 4 minute vocal acappella which you are trying to work with in a remix or something. When you get to samples that are this long the difference between 090F and 0910 can be very long (almost 1 second!), which is pretty unaccpetable if you’re trying to do anything correctly. So traditionally you would have to chop this up into smaller pieces if you want to accurately fit it into your track, not to mention that it’s usually difficult to find the precise bpm of the vocal and keep everything properly synced when the vocal is spanning 8/16/32/etc. patterns. With slice points you could easily trigger the vocal from any part of the sample with absolute precision!

I really feel like this kind of behaviour is long overdue. Renoise needs it! We need it! Silly applications like Recycle and VST .rex players would be practically obsolete if we had this kind of power.


Guess I’m too oldskool… :P Maybe an option to keep 9xx useful in these situations would be to add a sub command to it…IT had the right idea by using the sample start data actually correspond TO the number of samples you wish to skip…the problem would arise when you couldn’t just look at the sample and place a marker to get the value you wanted…you had to keep doing trial and error.

Back to the way it handled it was the basic equivalant of 9xx handled how many bits or something to skip forward on the sample. When you reached FF, you had a command placed in the row above it that would skip to 100 (i.e. FF+1) then the 9xx would be 100 + whatever it’s value was. It was extremely precise, but, again, the problem was the initial location of all the points you wanted to use. It worked very well, I suppose, in IT because you had a maximum sample size you couldn’t exceed (something like 2 mB or something like that). The downside was you had to waste an effect slot to set it to a larger value (which wouldn’t be a problem in ReNoise).

However, the file size would become horrendously challenging if skipping forward by bits…maybe…milliseconds?

BTW, I realized the limitations of the 9xx command and I just compensated: I precut the loop and quantize it in a pattern then render the pattern to a new sample, get rid of the old slices and just use the new quantized ‘live’ loop…haven’t worked with vocals yet in ReNoise, yet, so can’t offer any plausible workarounds for that.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t use the beat slicer…heck, if it’s there and does the job, more fun for me, but I think there are a few more features I’d like to see first, that’s all.

Here’s a question, though…would one be able to use BOTH the 9xx and Sxx command in tandem with each other? I.E. the slices could be split up by the 9xx command as if the slice were a single sample? As well, could you use the 9xx command on the sliced sample as a whole at the same time? I.E. maybe S00 would be the sample uncut? When I used Orion, that was my biggest gripe with beat slicing…the fact that it ignored the sample as a whole as soon as you sliced it up…i.e triggering a slice would only play JUST the slice and not continue PAST the slice. Now if the ReNoise beat slicer can accomplish this so that I can use the slices more or less as quick start points on the whole sample, then you can count me as a +1 for sure. I can just imagine a single instrument with 4 sliced loops that can be chopped/remixed/reversed/fast forwarded/etc. and interchanged seamlessly, THAT’s cool to me…I haven’t tested the limits of number of samples per instrument in this new version, but the limit imposed on the 1.5 was horrendous for mixing and matching tons of loops together.

Seems I’ve just rambled on…however, you have piqued my interest in the possibilities now… :) What was I saying before?


I would hope so!

Let’s say you had a simple drumloop which was just “kick, highhat, snare, highhat”. Slice position 0 would be the kick, 1 would be the first highhat, 2 would be the snare, and 3 would be the last highhat.

The range of each slice could be defined by its start point, reaching all the way until the next start point.
So, slice 0 would be everything between point 0 and point 1.
Slice 1 would be everything between point 1 and point 2.
Slice 2, everything between point 2 and 3.
Slice 3, everything between point 3 and the end of the sample (since there are no other points defined).

Ideally each slice would have a start point AND an end point, just for the super duper fine control, but I’d be happy either way.

Anyway, I imagine there being a slice trigger command such as 0Sxx which would simply play the chosen slice of the sample from its beginning point to its end point, ie. not play from the slice start point to the end of the whole sample. I think it’s important that it only plays the range of the slice, so that the rest of the drumloop doesn’t bleed over into whatever you’re doing. Each slice range within the main sample should almost be treated like a whole sample itself, if you know what I mean. You could conceptually build up an entire drum kit, sound fx kit, whatever, all within one sample that contained slice points.

VERY ideally we could assign unique loops to each individual slice!.. But again, I would be happy either way.

So anyway, I also imagine another complimentary command that works exactly like 09xx, but only within the active slice. With this command you could perform sample offset of 00 to FF within the range of the slice itself, instead of the whole sample.

This would be supreme sample mangling power!!!