Beat Slicing

OK, so thanks to alot of friendly people on here I now know how to do sample offset and am having fun just making a mess out of loops but I have some questions now.
OK, if I have a beat loop there is different ways of putting inputting it in. If you take a look at the beat slicing tutorial they have taken one beat loop and input it 4 times adjusting the bpm so it repeats seamlessly. would there ever be a reason to speed up the bpm so fast that the loop would only repeat once, twice? I’m curious because of the sample offset tutorial, using loops in here is still a little confusing with having to change the bpm and so on to get them to repeat, I seem to have to slow down the bpm to like 75 to get the loop to repeat 4 times throughout the 64 lines.
now I know that every part of the sample correlates to a number i.e. 0910 or 0955 etc…and I have been just randomly inputting stuff to see how it sounds, but how to I get that reallllly quick glitch like when you set the start/end points on a sample in sample editor really close together? and a slower stretch?
i just figured out how to open another column to make the tape stop and reverse happen, how come in the tutorial for beat slicing it just shows 09** whatever and yet the beat is reversing or stopping yet i have to input the code 02** etc?
all very easy questions im sure, tracking makes so much sense to me now, thanks again for all the help :)

p.s. a good reference of the style i want to make is the track “another door opens” by enduser, album- calling the vultures

Hello, what you need is Beatsync, a feature in Renoise that resides at the sample-settings.
You fill find a button beatsync and a number next to it.
If you set it to 32 for example, your whole sample will play in exactly 32 lines :)

Take a look at this topic:…c=12395&hl=

Yeah sorry i was to lazy to point to the good topic :P