Beat The Piss Out Of Somebody...

This guy is def somebody I wouldn’t want to deal with in the wrong situation. Despite he is kinda boso’ish, I still wouldn’t want to deal with his aggressive ass……ch=bas%20rutten


naah, thats nothing, i could do him easily :ph34r: :P

stab him in the liver… : wtf!

just like one of those annoying friends you always have, who always wants to demonstrate his karate skills after watching an action/fight movie

And then he almost breaks your neck leaving you with a kink for a week. :angry:

or worse, break 2 ribs on you and laughs about it later…
we all have one of those.

I must be lucky, the only ruffians I know have retired from that trade :lol:

I bet he was the bully at school

Perhaps other kids bullied him, which then inspired him to toughen himself up and train to be a badass?

alot of guys are like that, yeah; learn to defend themselves the hard way, but I was going by attitude…this guy seemed fairly non-chalant about lethal violence. Might have been for the camera…you never really can tell

I don’t.

I utterly HATE violence IRL, if someone I know turns out to be violent like that I tell them to f*ck off.

that would be a BIG mistake :lol: just a friendly advice :P

check out his biography for a couple of lol’s

wow i wish i could be like that guy


I’m a yellow belt in shaolin-do style kung fu, and my interests are 1st fitness and 2nd self-defense.

Some of the self defense techniques take he shows in the video I’m familiar with, but I definitely don’t want to cross the path of a guy like that. This is the type of guys that, if on a fight, he will go all the way to kill you.

He said: “I don’t believe in a eye for an eye. I believe in 2 eyes for 1.” I think he means it.

I don’t like this philosophy and it’s sad that there are martial arts schools that will teach/encourage this type of behavior in their students.

I remember a couple of years ago in Brazil, a group of guys from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school when to a bar just to start fights – they are known as “pit-boys” as a reference to pit-bulls. This was on the news, a bunch of people got seriously hurt, I think one of the beat up guys died.

I’ve never been on a fight and I’m not at all a violent person but in the back of my mind there is always this question: “what if I got in a fight? What would happen?”

The answer to this question today is that, I might get f****ed but, I’m a bit more prepared to defend myself from bullies. :ph34r:

It’s actually a good feeling.

thats why you should have one of these

if i would been there i would certainly made some holes in those jiujitsu guys

the thing with guns is that you have to have balls to pull the trigger. That is some serious stuff.

I don’t think you wanna go there. Stay away from guns kids. ;)

its easy, move your finger a little bit and bastard drops dead… simple and effective. And you dont need any balls… the anger that you get from someones lowminded behaviour will do the trick very well

i’ve only been in a few fights and they were back in gradeschool. one of them was with a friend in 6th grade in the middle of the lunch cafeteria with like 500 other kids watching … he pulled my shirt over my head so i couldn’t see anything :( but the rent-a-cop came so fast that we didn’t really have any time to do anything :( i think i got detention for a couple days for that

note to self,do not f**k with louis ;)

i used to be the subject of many, many fights in school (2+ a week when it was really bad), partially because i was young for the grade (and small build to begin with), and partially because I was renowned for losing it completely when physically provoked, i think it must have been funny to watch or something, because the bullys always came back to start it all up time and time again,no matter how many teeth i knocked out or noses i broke…never been trained but I grew up in a rough neighbourhood which is a sort of training in itself I guess. But having said that I have not started one single fight in my entire life.