Beatbattle V2
this is going to be a good one :)

yeah, but without me this time B)

It says in the beatbattle rules that you MUST use the latest renoise.

Since the 1.261 doesn’t work on my pc (it’s too slow) i’m using 1.26. Can i use this and still enter the compo?

Thanks in advance, and thanks renoise for doing another contest :) it’s great


PS: the complete size must only be 2 mb or less, is this 2mb compressed or uncompressed?

This is going to be very hard!


excellent theme :)
this will be fun fun fun!! and wow, a price. oh well, i am buying renosie today. i think the developers need support and some well earned money for their hard (and very well done) work! i have spread the renoise link around to quite a few trackers in know… i think there’s a new wave coming. keep up the great work fellas!


Zed :

come on, dont be so shy :)

Zed : indeed dont be so shy, you have all your chances (provided you stick to the rules :)

dufey : 1.26 will do fine :)

What rule did he break last time?

Zed’s song was really really good, and definetly the song I was most impressed with.

99% I’m not going to take part to this compo: I’m busy tracking the entries for Breakpoint DemoParty.

By the way, it would be unfair for you all if an alien would tak part to a competition with such a theme… :D

thanks for the feedback guys, but anyway, i’m not shy or something, i just became too serious to use the music just for contests. i put my time and energy into the music to make it good as possible, and make sound unique as possible, but it has nothing to do with vainglory. sorry, contests it’s not for me, really.

one question, in case I should win, can I sponsor the free registration to a friend of mine ?

yes you can do what you want with the license :)

For those of you into the beatbattle…
I think you might be interested in knowing something more about the samplepack…
I’ve packed for you a couple of special samples…

Number 7:
This sample comes from my special collection of unusual sounds.
It was made years ago with a special instrument invented by Net-Jobber, a friend of mine. The instrument’s called “Sesto Senso” that mean “Sixth-sense” and it was made by a custom magnetic field detector and a broken hd… sounds cool, isn’t it?

Number 6:
It’s a human voice performing one nasty trick.
It’s called “Diplofony”. As you might know, diplofony means creating with your voice two different frequencies at the same time, two sounds.
This sample should allow you to clearly tell two different harmonic frequencies… created over a single carrier. These are peculiar diplofonies… because of their structure they are called “Claves”… because, you guess right, they sound like claves… or at least they have same amplitude dynamic of a percussive instrument. This dynamic is, of course, just simulated by controlling the flow of air… this “claves” effect, in detail, it’s created by opening a small space on the sides of the tongue and then closing it again slowly… (Guys I’m not responsible for knots on your tongues if you try this at home… :lol: )
This method is known to come from tibetan temples and has been adopted in contemporary music only by few able to practice it.
Demetrio Stratos is one of the names you have to check if you’re interested in going indeep into this fashinating field… although this rare sample does not belong to him for copyright reasons that I’m sure you all understand… <_<

I hope you’re having fun with my samplepack and my theme… :D I’m so curious to see what will come out of this…
and I’m so sad that I will not compete… :(
Plus… I thought to embrace all courage I have… and ask if I can have a t-shirt myself as being the last beatbattle winner…

about diplophony:

one of the most incredible (and less known) singers on your planet was Demetrio Stratos, who made a lot of vocal experiments like
Investigations (diplophonies and triplophonies).

He learned the basis of this technique from a Vietcong singer called something like “Tran Qwang Hai” (can’t remember exactly) who is still alive (Stratos died in 1979 by cancer, at the age of 34).

A short biography can be read at this link.

If you search for his progressive rock band Area on WinMX or similar, you will find some great progressive rock/jazz music (most MP3s are called “Demetrio Stratos and Area” so you shouldn’t have problem in recognizing them in the mess of groupnames you will find).

Some suggestions: “Consapevolezza” (Consciousness), “Il bandito del deserto” (Desert bandit), “Return from Workuta”.

@ It-Alien: :yeah: :lol:
I knew it… I knew you know something about diplophonies :lol:
These in the samplepack are made by me… (it’s a very short sample but still contains two claves of two different freqz…)

@ [ST]CC: doh… why not? :unsure:

@ Zed:

As to say that those who take part to contests are pursuing vainglory? :huh:

not 100%. contests are great for the communnity, but someone wanna just win, nothing else. after all, an art and a contest are not the same things. i don’t like contests, the beatbattle was the first and last one where i tried to do something to support it. imho own art work is more important than any scores in contests.

other comments:

beatbattle N1 was a little weird to me. rules “said” make “hip hop instrumental”, but ppl made very different kind of tunes, so, hardly you can call it “contest”. it more “how pop your tune is” than “how phat your hip-hop instrumental is”. beatbattle N2’s rules sounds better coz it says “do whatever you want with the sample pack”.

I’m only in it for the vainglory… If I don’t win I’ll break down and cry… :)

No but seriously… it’s fun. Especially the limitations. That makes it creative. Creativeness is art imo. But I doubt I can say that my piece of sound is art… I’ll be glad if I finish it :)

@ johan:

I definitely feel like understanding this opinion more than Zed’s one…

Very weird… as if “your own artwork” couldn’t be “a score in contest” at the same time… :huh:
I supposed we managed to state at least that this kind of compos are made to have fun while improving and learning by confrontation… I’m sure nobody would disagree about how usefull a compo can be…

:huh: That’s for sure bud… but… why the hell you pointing this out?
How does this fit the discussion? And most of all… how is this related to the “Vainglory” explanation?? :blink:
If you mean that one can’t find much “art” in “contests” I would surely understand…
but I would probably not agree with you :)

well, anyway i like the contest idea when it’s good, with thought-out rules and limitations, but i don’t like it when it’s about “we need hip hop intrumental, but actually we don’t care”… anyway, i don’t want to say i against contests or something. i agree limitations make this very creative. but i would do them (limitations) even more harder.

when is the deadline btw ? I have a huge cold at the moment and cant hear much but I would really like to finish my first sketch … so how much time is still left ?