BeatBattle entries are up!

Here we go!


I know the main zip file size is big, so I also put up each file zipped to make it easier to download.

All participants should download these files and fill in the votesheet.

I will mail the beatbattle votesheet to all the participants now! :)

have fun

just a notice, the titel of my song is “Nelson the Hippo” , “a chip hop tune” was just a subtitle ;)

ooops :)
ok changed it on the page… cant change the zip file tho it will take too long to upload

no problems ;)

nah only participants can vote this time :)
Maybe in the next compo we will try public voting!

Probably set a time limit (of one week for instance) for the samples to be uploaded, so future contests won’t be delayed by a few slow people :rolleyes:

It could be something like:

  1. The winner decides next Beatbattle “theme”

  2. The winner creates a samplepack for everybody to start with

2a) The winner creates precise rules to create the samplepack or to compose (Only vocal samples, only mono signals, 1 sample, etc)

  1. 10 days before deadline after samplepack is released

  2. 3 days (?) before voting deadline after contributions are released

  3. You can only use Renoise samples-editor and built-in dsp effects…

:huh: … any upgrade to this? :)

What? I thought it was a chip-hop battle :( :unsure: I’m screwed :lol:


gwylim ! I hate you ! you nearly killed my speakers ! :D

honestly, the subbass nearly left my equipment in smokes the first time it kicked it, hehe.

but the song is cool, so you are forgiven. :rolleyes:

oh and actually I like the idea more of several people contributing to the samplepack.

because with this pack … Most of them were samples I would not use ever, so it was quite hard for me.

Also I dont like this “theme” thing, maybe we should go like this :

first 10 of the contest give samples up to 1mb and everyone can add only drumsamples (I always find it very limiting to end up with techno-drums in a competitionpack for example, although I also do my recreational house-track from time to time) and do whatever he wants.

however, then we also need to limit filesize, 83mb is a very huge file do download and this time it was only (?!) 25 people taking part.

and yes - 83 megs is a lot! especially for me with my 56k; i hope i can listen to all of these before voting ends.

i don’t get how it came to 83 megs though; my song was 6.3, and it compressed to 2.5. so logically a 7 meg song (maximum size) would compress to no more than 3. 3 x 25 = 75. which is still a lot, but most people’s songs would be smaller than the maximum… i would think so at least :huh:

come on guys, give up on the .23 seconds you’d save and set winzip to ‘maximum (slowest)’ compression! :D

Not only… I saw many of the songs had no samplediting at all… I mean… those long silences after your sample is over and before it begins… OMG cut them away, please!
:lol: :rolleyes:

Parsec, now that you mentioned that… I realized I had that bloody long stereo bass/piano sequence in there and I never even used it. Heh, “oops”? Sorry to contribute to your download burden, Gwilym, I hope you use a resumer. ;)

i am. but i’m also just getting the songs individually (if anything, it saves me having to download my own song, plus this way i can listen to them as they arrive)

and it probably just slipped your mind, but there are ‘delete unused instruments’ and ‘delete unused patterns’ buttons in the advanced edit menu. very handy :)

@saboteur: ops! :D it happens… sometime I’m not exactly sure myself whether I have or I haven’t left any used pattern out of sequence…

How is it going with the votes, Gwilym? :)
How many tunes you’ve rated so far?
I’m so curious… :P

sorry but you missed the whole voting. the voting is already over…

just one more lame aprils fool joke ;) i’m acctually wonder the same thing myself


i was waiting for the patched 1.26 to come out before i begin. i’ve downloaded about…well, i cant tell because my download directory is a complete mess…but about a third of them?

plus i don’t have a voting form. is it included in the zip? cuz it doesn’t seem to be on the page anywhere :blink:

wow, we have some serious talent here! i’ve only listened to the first five (skipping my own track of course), and i’m very impressed. everyone seems to have their own unique tricks in renoise; it’s really cool to see.

i really liked gemini’s track, but - dammit, it’s not even vaguely hip hop! i feel annoyed, i want to give thesong a great rating, but… it’s ‘wrong’. :P
oh well, i enjoyed the track at least

and that secret song at the end of herbert ferber’s entry is amazing; i love it. sounds like something aphex twin would make, only if he made it i wouldnt get to see the excellent tracking methods

i think i’ll be giving out a lot of high marks in this compo :)

Thre is no rules agaist it so it is just wrong if your moral says to you that music-genres shall kill the creativity :D :) ;)

please no themes in next battle… it is booring

Hi all,

just to let you all know

right now I have only 8 votesheets.

from :

Robb Walker
Stan Mancebo

so still quite a few missing … I think I better fix a deadline for saturday or this will go one for ever.

so by this saturday evening, voting ends!