Beatbattle III

Hi all,

After the success of the previous episodes of the Beatbattle, the third chapter launches! This time we have a more general theme, and an flashy php voting system which will make voting simpler and more objective!

Beatbattle III

As usual, the winner will take home a renoise license

euh… 20.08.03 is on a Wednesday and 02.09.03 is on a Tuesday…

Just curious:

Who made the beat for the beatbattle page??

Hehe, it’s sweet!


Filesize :

Your RNS file must not exceed 400kb when zipped.

you mean that ?

Dufey : I made it. hope you like my silly vocals and scratches too :)

Looza : yes we’ve had to fix this limit because of several reasons, for example the sheer volume of all the files made it impossible for people with 56k lines to download all the entries in the previous beatbattles.

Great :D

Just one question: May we also submit “rar” packed files or is only zip allowed?

rar is fine :)

Is there still somewhere I can download the winning entries (or perhaps all of them) from the first and second beatbattles? Both kind of passed too quickly before my eyes and now I’m curious to enter Beatbattle III so would like to get an idea of the sort of beats previously created.

Currently not, however I will put them up at the end of bb3!

Alright, fair enough. :)

Cool but I falled over a weird thing. just messed around with the samples a bit, started a tune (sounds nice btw. for the first try :) ). I saved, checked the filesize then got that face -> <_< .

ca. 2.3 MB so far and I don’t see a chance to downsample with Renoise only.
Though after heavily thinking it’s maybe prude to ask but are 400k not a bit toooooo low!!! :unsure:

My Winrar can’t handle such a size… :(

BTW, this was my post…

Haha, did anyone of you try to click on Bruce Lee??

Try it :P i sat for maybe 10 minutes, clicking like mad, think i managed a 53 hit combo :ph34r:

I noticed the samplepack was 410kb (according to Download Accelerator), I guess you DON’T have to use all the samples but it seems a bit odd that the limit is 400kb when the samplepack is bigger (those same 56k users need to download this too, so I say a 400kb limit on the samplepack too) :lol:

okay, a 400K limit for the song you produce - that’s a fair challenge, I can dig that :)

but what’s with the shoddy quality of the samplepack you provide? if you have to molester the poor innocent samples with an MP3 encoder, at least use 192, or at the very very very least, 160 kbit - the high end in these samples is already mashed-out and mangled, which won’t exactly make it easy to come up with a great track.

have you actually tried pitching 128 kbit MP3 files up and down? the audible artififacts, especially on the high end, become painfully obvious - just compare to the original samples … with 160 kbit this already improves a lot …

would an extra 100 KB on the samplepack zip really kill your server? <_<

oh, and by the way, 128 kbit is of course fine for MONO samples, such as the bass drum and hihats - IF YOU ENCODE THEM as mono! ;)

er, and also, since you provide all the mono samples in stereo, these will take up twice as much space in your songfile - and since the rules say you can’t use an external sample editor, there is basically no way to convert them to mono.

and no, they will not simply compress away with ZIP/RAR, since the left/right channels aren’t fully identical, due to the nature of the MP3 encoder…

methinks an update of the samplepack would be in order before we proceed, or not? I can’t compose anything with four drum samples and a bass sample - that’s basically all you can cram into 400KB when the mono samples take up twice the space´ :(

Ok dudes,

Stop the whynning and start being creative. This assignment is cool the way it is I think. This is what oldskool tracking is al about! With just one basskick you should be able to create a whole song! I already have a renoise license so I’m just playing for fun!

check diz: Beat Battle 3 only 308 kb

Ok, I’ve added a rule that allows you to convert the samples from stereo to mono using and external editor.

However that is the only modification allowed with an external program!

Any chance of making the samplepack available as a ZIP file as well? I don’t have a RAR-aware program installed, and I have no intention of getting one.

ZIP files are much better IMHO, they’re understood by Windows XP out-of-the-box for a start. Yeah, I know RAR gives ~0.00001% better compression - but who cares.


This is a rule I love now :)