Beatbattle III

@Paul Connell:

What?! :blink: In a little test I’ve just made I could fit a ~600kB RNS in a ~400kB ZIP or a ~1MB RNS in a ~400kB RAR file. That’s more like 40% . Get WinRAR, man!


What happens if a registered user wins the battle? My suggestion: the user gets an extension for his/hers registration for one more full version (ex. renoise 1.2 - 3.2 instead of 1.2 - 2.2) or can donate the registration to anyone he wants.

And if not for the file size limit noone would ever notice that there’s no way stereo channels of samples can be manipulated separately in Renoise :) That’s a feature that has to be implemented!

Now lets get busy…


It has already been suggested a long time ago and should be in the huge Big Bertha to do list that has been spoken of I guess :) The suggestion as I remember it should be to keep right, keep left or mix them together. Now that I think of it it would be nice with just a panning slider (100% left - center - 100% right) and a button next to it to convert to mono.

I second that: WinRAR is da bomb. Especially if you enable “multimedia compression”, it’ll compress audio data sometimes at 1:2 or even lower! that’s SIGNIFICANTLY better than zip.

Also, the WinRAR application itself is a great little tool to have on your computer, because it’ll unpack just about anything - .ACE, .ZIP, .TAR, even .ISO (although I don’t know why anyone would need that ;) )

It even creates ZIP archives optionally, so if you need to ZIP something for some RAR-less looser, you can do that too tee hee :lol:

Don’t forget about LHA which is good now and then for us old amiga users… :) Plus CAB, ARJ, LZH, GZ, UUE, BZ2 and JAR I just read in the winrar settings… Haven’t use half on them but IF I will in some point of life I’m glad to have winrar! :)

this should be fun!

and that track on the bb3 page is one of the coolest things i’ve heard in ages. great work. :D

i didnt manage to get it under 1.3mb
but i disqualify myself anyway as i’ve already got a license.

i’ll throw this out there anyway cause i put a couple hours in
maybe somebody will get a chuckle from it

renoise 4-eva mvuga

Great song! Really cool spaced out DnB effects!! :) After listening to this my song only sound dull… :(

Btw, I think many of the participants already are registered… you can always give it away to a friend :)

If a registerd users wins the battle, he will get at least one of our beatyfull new tshirts :) and/or as IT suggested, a Renoise licence for the next + 1 version jump.
So there is no reason that a registered user should not participiate. And hey, you will be in the big book of Renoise beatbattle winners and can compile the samplepack for the next beatbattle as a registered user or not ;)

Hmm, I suggested the +1 version registration jump - why am I being referred to as IT ?
:huh::) :D :lol:

What about the idea of donating the registration to someone - is it still an option? (Not that I’m actually planning to win BB3 :) … though a Renoise Tshirt is worth the effort! - could perhaps all the top 10/5/3 entries get a Tshirt? :D )


Where is the beatbattle songs page?? :huh:

Just another dumb question about the rules :)

let´s say when I have a toooo big filesize and though I want to downsample some stuff. Could I use the Renoise Renderer and render the same sample again at 22050khz, would this be rule conform??? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

the filesize rule really needs to be re-thought.

keeping it under 400k, even when zipped is an impossibility. releasing the samples as mp3 means that renoise interprets each one as a 44100khz stereo WAV. my track is about 30 seconds long, uses very few samples, and zips to just over one meg.

so i agree that this is definitely a problem, especially if people still aren’t meant to edit with external programs, and given that renoise’s sample editing abilities are still very limited.

well, i’ll just keep working on my song for now. even if i have to re-load all the samples eventually, once the rule has been clarified

Sorry, I thought it was IT`s suggestion. Dont ask me why.
And yes, of course donating the won licence is still an option. You can do whatever you want with the licence.


I’m using the mp3 samples… I composed only the first pattern (7 seconds, no effects) and I’m already at 2,5 mb!!! What am I doing wrong?? :o

The MP3 samples will be converted when loaded so the sample size will then increase. It’s the samples which take up most parts of the song (when compressed), not the pattern data etc.

So… try this:

  • Cut the end of the samples (at least the trailing silence)
  • Convert samples to mono with an external sample editor
  • Compress with WinRAR and use “best” compression
  • Don’t use all the samples (I don’t think that’s possible :) )

I tried to convert the mp3 files from stereo to mono… Sometimes I gain 4-5 Kb, sometimes nothing… Which is a good sample editor, and what should I have to do with it??

That seems strange… you should gain half the sample size (when in wav format, i.e. before compressing).

To follow the rules completely you should:

  • Load the MP3 in Renoise (it is in stereo 44.1kHz now)
  • Save as wav from Renoise
  • A simple solution so you don’t have to download any editor is to use the windows sound recorder (in the start menu). Save as and change the format to PCM 44.1kHz mono.
  • Optionally you can change to 22kHz but I would not recommend it since you loose quite a bit of quality. Possibly on the bass drum it would sound ok.

Ok ok,

i know it’s against policy, but we are going to increase the file size limit to 800kb (compressed)… I must admit 400k was a bit utopic. I hope this rule can make things a bit easier on everyone :)

What?? All this optimizing to no good then… oh well… :)

I think you’ll find even 800k requires some optimizing :)