Beatbattle2 Voting time...

Howdy brave BeatBattlers!

As the voting time is near, I got some points to remark :)

soundtrack for the first flight for a starship with magical engines

Please keep in mind the theme when listening to the entries!
The track should hopefully fit as soundtrack for the given theme in your mind… but still try to award personal tech skill and creativity.

Even if anonymized, you might recognize entries… :huh: …well if you do, just pretend you didn’t recognized your best friend’s tune and focus on rating what you hear
;) :lol:

The only thing I have in my mind at the moment tis that chilean modell :D :lol:

the compo was nicely open-ended though… kinda ambiguous; a lot of room for artistic license. means we won’t get the same song over and over ;)

i was wondering, what happens if someone doesn’t vote? maybe it’s practise to do this anyway, but i think that anyone who doesn’t turn in a votesheet should have 10 pts (or whatever we mark out of) deducted from their score - seems fair to me, seeing as they’ve kinda robbed every other particpant of up to 10 pts.

i dunno, like i said, that may seem very obvious to most people but to me it seemed like some clever abstract thinking so QUIET YOU

also, neil/shaper - please extend the voting deadline. i’m on 56k, and i’m sure i’m not the only one… three days simply isn’t long enough to download and listen, particularly if i want to let the tracks sink in before i give them a score, which i do.

Yes, please give us some more days, I’m actually in the military service :angry: so I have to listen to the songs on sunday.

I’m confused… SHAPER… Celsius… :)
Why are you using both?

yes, to not vote is just advantageous for yourself and that is pretty bad. one solution is to either do as you are saing or put a 10 point to all other tracks or simply disqualify that track…

and btw, 3 days are raly a bit short…

Wow!!! I’m not in this compo and I’m kinda glad I’m not…
I wouldn’t stand a chance. :)

I listened to about a third of the entries and none of them are bad. In fact, most of them are great. I’m glad I don’t have to go through the difficulty of choosing a favourite… B)

I’ve just voted the entries.
it was quite difficult and i think it would be better for the next battle, that there are different “voting categories” like style, technic skill and creativity - each weighted with for example 40%, 30% and 30% or 50%, 20% and 30%…

(because there are a few tracks with high technic skills but not fitting the theme, or a few tracks not made very good but in my opinion with a bonus to creativity…)

I agree wholeheartedly. Listening to the entries has been a saddening experience. Because just now - only after five years of tracking, no less - I realized I have zero talent. 0.

Luckily for me, they say hard work can offset that.

Great job with the tracks, everyone!

i was actually kinda disappointed with most of the entries this time through - they seemed a little effortless to me. not much soul.

i’m sure that when parsec set the theme, he was wanting exciting, passionate music, but instead a pretty large amount of them ended up as cold downtempo/ambient tracks… most of them were pretty decent, but in general they were nowhere near as fun to listen to as the first beatbattle’s entries <_<

there were some exceptions of, course… :)

(they’re also lucky that i decided only to add/subtract a single point for suitability to the theme (and if they seriously believe their songs fit the style then they need to watch less 2001 :P :P :P ))

Just because you don’t like downtempo and ambient music that doesn’t mean that type of music can’t be both exciting and passionated. ;)

oh. thanks.

now. do i defend the fact that i never said it couldn’t, do i defend the fact that a large amount of what i listen to, and make, would be described as downtempo/ambient, or do i just skip the defense entirely because your comment was pretty much irrelevant anyway. i’ll do that.

kind of agree with you… what i missed, though, was stronger lead themes…
sad to say:my own entry included… :blink:
so, my top points went to those that had anything resembling that… (and a spacy sound here and there)

otherwise I was astonished of the range of different sounds that people could pull out of that samplepack… (omitting FX that is…) hmm…

hmm…this leads me to believe that you actually compare yourself to other people… :unsure:
as far as tech-skills I guess you could but what comes out of you is yours
and yours only and can, at least in my opinion, never be compared objectively…
btw, I think I’ve heard a track or two from you in the past (at least I hope there’s only one saboteur out there…) and at least you do not suck… :P

Yes, I also experienced that.
Some of the entries could have been made with FT and the like. <_<
I think, Renoise is a PRO producer thingy (I’m convinced about
that), considering all the native FX Renoise has (the EQ10, Gainer, Compressor).
So, I was wondering about the particular bad mastered sound
quality coming out of some of the entries.
It’s a pity, a little… :(
I thought of making a compilation for myself, containing
most of the entries (rendered in HQ, of course), but…

1st compo was more exciting.


ha! maybe i just like to disagree :D

cuz i thought the sound quality was fine. i can think of one, maybe two, songs that were of mediocre standard. everything else seemed alright. but this is just me after five years of FT2 and only one of renoise. and having not ever listened to anyone else’s renoise creations, aside from the two beatbattles.*

…of course, when thinking about the mastered sound, you have to consider the samples everyone had to work with. though i’m sure you did, because it sounds like you entered the compo, or at least followed it. :)

*also i’m not really hung up on sound quality. i’m not gonna start the boring old indie kid ‘all REAL songs should be recorded in three minutes by a chain-smoker who wouldnt know how to operate a tape recorder and if you take more than that, or you use a computer, then YOU HAVE RAPED THE SONG OF ITS VIRGINITY’ argument, but i’ll at least say that i’d take compositional beauty over technical any day of the week :) :)

you’re a provoking turn-coat if I ever saw one… :) :P :lol:

but seriously, I know people that churn out HQ “ready-to-cut” material in one2two days but they are pros
(and not trackers for that matter even if that means nothing in my eyes…)
So, for us having 2 weeks one wouldn’t be too far off expecting a wee bit more…
but then again we’re amateurs (at least most of us still are, I guess…)
so unfinished, unpolished material is to be expected and treated as such (with no comparison)


when it comes to mastering, limiting/compressing and such I don’t see the point in doing that in renoise (even if the tune is released .rns)…
I see Renoise as an inspirational, creative composing tool… not a mixing/mastering tool…
There’s far better ones for those tasks out there but if its the only one you’ve got…
Well, you may not agree but that’s my opinion…

happy tracking,
and I’ll see you on the other side…

:lol: you are welcome… just please take it alittle bit easy before you get a heart-attack… I can’t realy see whats the reason why to diss most of the entries in the competition before it is even finished though… If we shall have anonymous entries I also think it’s better if the thoughts about the entries also shall remain anonymous (read unknown) till the contest is over… ;)

fair enough

but now it feels like the compo and voting isalmost finished so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway :lol: ;)