Beats / Measure

Working with non-4/4 time sigs in Renoise is totally do-able, but can be fiddly I’ve found.

We have a lines / beat setting already, but it could be good to have an additional ‘beats / measure’ setting that would:

  • add a secondary level of pattern highlighting (which would also improve working with 4/4)
  • determine the number of lines to be navigated by page up / page down

The F9-F12 pattern jump keys seem to use 1/4 of the pattern length, which again only works as expected if you’re working in X/4

+1 some of the assumptions underlying aspects of the interface and design definitely make writing in non-4/4 somewhat awkward.

Kind of strange considering how long renoise has been around and the varied music that’s been made with it. It’s not insurmountable to work “against” the design, but this definitely could be improved. While we’re at it, the ability to change time signatures within the song would be handy (also currently doable, but… again one is working against the design).

ye, working with “triplet resolution” (12 lpb) which i really like would also benefit from this. (:

I would love to see a better way to formulate triplets in Renoise. In terms of time signature, I’ve just been using the pattern length to change time signatures, and I haven’t had any problem with that.

tried lpb 12? as ez as it can get imo

Also, a lot of these things can be accomplished by the kb shortcut “Move to next Row w. Edit Step” / KMaki’s awesome EditStepTweaks tool. Add my tool EditStepTools to that, and you can navigate anything really quick. And yes, if you really want to go to 1/3rd, 1/5th, 1/6th of the pattern with keyboard shortcut immediately, you will probably have to code that tho. Changing the edit position from lua is really easy. I can already think up a scripted tool that generates x amount of keyboard shortcuts for “Jump to 5/6th of pattern”. = {  
 sequence =,  
 line =*y  

The extra ‘measure’ highlighting I would really like too though. There have been so many posts about this :D.


The reason I got Renoise in the first place was to facilitate polymetric/odd meter composition, which other software made difficult. I use the least common multiple of the note values I want to use (i.e. 5/4 = 20LPB, 7/4 = 28 LPB), and use one or two measures per pattern. Measure highlighting would improve this experience.

Beats per measure setting + highlight would be very nice, +1

Make 12lpb the default of every Renoise set ^_^/>

I’d probably use this if it were implemented, but honestly I think it’s simpler to work with pattern length and LPB, and it works just fine. Don’t be afraid to slice a sequence or even a bar up into different patterns with different lengths and LPBs.

You can do that easily yourself. Just change the default template.

Did you know you can actually click the “+ 1” button at the bottom of forum posts? ;)

Do you know you can change the highlighting to something else than the LPB?? It’s in the “Song Settings” tab @bottom of the window.


Didn’t know Beats per Measure was also something that may be received by a VST. This IMO makes this more important to incorporate than for improved highlighting, simplified pattern size changes or other candy. Although those are probably good enough reasons in themselves. ;)

I’d settle for being able to adjust how far the cursor goes with Page Down.

Can always be scripted. Plus there is also the Move Up/Down With Edit Step.

I know, it was more like a tip than a request ;)/>

Yes. And don’t forget the tools “Edit Step Tweaks” by kmaki and “Edit Step Tools” by me.
(My keys are now like;
NumPad 0/1/3/5/7/9/.: set edit step to 0/1 beat/3:4th a beat/half a beat/2 beats/1.5 beat/4 beats
NumPad 4/6/2/8: MiniTab Left/Right / Move Up/Down with EditStep Tweak
and editing and moving around is now friggin awesome.)

Oh, I’m silly. :P

Even better would be some user defined colored indicators …placable everywhere