Beatslaughter - Hope Dies Last, I Go First

Time to put this out in the wild. Here is a small unreleased piano piece. There is some subtle distortion going on in the song, it’s intentional.

Oh, man, really really like this one. It’s rainy and gray outside the office window today, and this is a nice soundtrack. But, somehow, it’s also somehow reminiscent of driving in the car with the sun setting. Melancholic. I mean, I had a very, visceral emotional reaction to this one (which I think is about the best thing that one could have in response to music).

Only out of technical curiosity (and since you posted the video) - looks like you have 2 send tracks, with at least one of them having some sort of effect modulation. Care to share what you are doing with each one (like, it sounds like certain notes get a massive reverb effect but can’t really tell exactly what you are doing).

Beautiful piece. I really felt this one.

I’m glad you both feel that way and like it. There is some not so nice things happening in my life recently and this song is the result of that, kind of. Technically, leaving the mixing effects aside, the following is happening in the song:

The piano dry signal is sent to the V and D sends, which stand for verb and distortion. The piano channel itself has a NI Replika instance running with a blurred “half step” delay. The V channel has all the automation going on. First a VPS Philta instance for a lowpass, which opens up in part A and closes back in part B, then followed by NI Replika which runs an almost reverb like delay wall, like with the lowpass the feedback of it is automated in part A to open up and close in part B again, after that follows a Valhalla Room instance. The distortion channel has NI Driver on it for some of the grittiness. All 3 combined give then a nice varied and modulated piano tone changing subtly over time. :slight_smile:

M8, really do hope that things look up in your life soon - sad/not nice things are certainly no fun - but I’m very glad you were able to take some of that and make it into something beautiful. . . further evidence that music can be alchemy :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the explanation! What is very nice about this tune is that all those effects are . . . mmm . . .transparent. I.E., the music that I hear just feels natural (though obv effort went in to it). Really, would love to hear more of things like this from you (but not at the expense of your happiness of course! :slight_smile: )