Become The Drill&bass/breakcore Master !

How you became The Drill&bass/breakcore Master…
[EDIT: I made a mega-pack with the entrys downloadable at :
Become the drill&bass master contest ]

I never get the courage to learn a lot some drill & gliched technicals. In fact, I know some technicals but I rarely use them… here YOU come! To give me some motivation, I organize this contest.

The rules are:

  • You must use Renoise (of course), and you must submit your xrns
  • Even if it is not welcome, you can use MAXIMUM one FREE vst or vsti
  • I don’t care about the tempo: It can be slow or speed
    - Deadline: 23/11/2009 00:00
    Deadline: 24/11/2009 00:00

The prices:
As I said this contest is open to newbie (like me)
The newbie who will make the best song will win a wallet like this:

The renoiser (newbie or not) who make the best song will became the “drill & bass master” (or the “breakcore master”) :dribble: and will win a renoise badge and a badge with the picture of his choice!

How to know if someone is a newbie ? Hard question…
1-) he said he is: I mean I suppose I can believe him
2-) I can’t believe everyone, and -maybe- I am a little paranoid, so I will say that someone is a newbie if he has lees than 120 posts and if he has become member before today.

What is this damn drill & bass? Here you can hear an example:

(Again sorry for my English)

cool i will make something with my new side project

Ha, I keep getting interested in all these competitions but I never seem to manage to finish any of the songs…nevertheless I’ll try for this one too.

Ur no newb in his eyes!

I want to have a chance at that spiffin’ wallet too :(
I see myself as a newb!

am i a n00b? :unsure:

Am I newbie enough?

… I want that wallet :huh:

Less than 120 posts, as I said, to will the wallet :angry: but… I edited my fist post and added a gift for the drill&bass master :D


I have to delete 8 posts and I cannot make any posts until the end of compo?


Solion; just say you’re the judge and decide who’ll win. Then you just choose whoever you find best in the n00b/quality ratio,

what have you actually heard my music??? :D :D do i have a fan :panic: :panic:

i got a new project im working on now :ph34r:

By vst’s do also mean renoise’s built in vst’s?


Don’t worry I jsut realised I am excluded from this comp.

I think using 120 posts as a gauge for a noob is a bit silly , Vsnares has only made about 20 posts .

Nether the less I’m gonna give this comp a go and i hope my meger 68 posts won’t make you class me as a noob .

i don’t have 120 posts and i AM a noob, get in!

OMG a Renoise wallet.
In the case I’m not first (which is impossible), where I can get this awesome object?

I think this is the best strategy.

Whoaw, I didn’t know it was hard like that to organize a contest :panic:

I know life can sometime be unfair… :(
My idee was just to push noob out of their limit.
Jonas, your idea can be more equitable, but I’m not sure it will exclude cheating.
ilisity, If Vsnare win the contest, I’m sure he will tell me that he isn’t a noob.
Arboreal, I will do this with the company I work in: … but the prices are pretty expensive and I don’t know if we sell outside France. But you can buy a wallet and go in a shop whitch make transfer/printing on textile…

And don’t forget that you can put your badges on your wallet!
And… Make music, damn !!

Sounds like a great excuse to break some beats at absurd tempos once more. Gonna heat up the boomerang’s corpse for this one! I want that BADGE!

Sound cool! But too bad I’m past the newbie line :( Will you still believe me if I say so?

im like a Uber-nOOb