Benny Benassi

ok, before you start jumping on my head:
I agree with ANYONE who is gonna say:
Copying a style is lame, experimental stuff rules, underground forever you never grow if you dont innovate and blah blah blah.

anyway. does someone know what VSTi + filter can be used to make something sounding like benny benassi ?

i had some nice results with Synth 1 + filter + EQ.
the latter two being the one built-in renoise.

but i m sure, all experts here gimme best suggestion: i d like not generikal tips but more spec ( es: +5bd on 700Hz , top nothc cut off 40…)


Speedcore rotello goes house? interesting idea ;)

He didn´t use a 642942940240,67 € VST to create it.
Simply talkany a very old program written for text to speach.

Check and search for talkany It`s freeware and does also match spanish language.

hehe escii… ( are u that USN’s escii?? kool!)

i want to do some gabba with that cool bassy sound in it.
never say never in music , but my skills dont permit doing any house related stuff :-/

i knew about talk- any ( there is a tread in the forum …)
(quoting dufey:

but i was speaking of the other typical Benny 'sound!


edit: added link from an other tread)

the bass is typical thing…Flat eric bass…I don´t know exactly which one he chose, but I think he used an access virus for it…But there are a lot of basssynths out which may reproduce this as well…I dont know perhaps absynth even has a preset with a similiar name. I mostly use the basssynths from my pulsar - so Im really not of a help here.

A while back I tried to emulate the Benassi style with my SH-101. I basically kept the resonance to zero. That’s the trick to getting the bassline sound all rough and edgy.

It’s not clear whether you want to emulate the drums, the main bass synth or that specific melodic synth that’s in most of his tunes… :huh:

From memory of the Flat Eric bass sound, I suspect it’s been bandpassed. That seems to be the origin of synth sounds that sound like they’ve been boxed…

thanx for all reply.

when i said “typical” sound. i mean all of them :slight_smile:
bass and drum mainly.

but my curiosity / lame ripping thirst has not been satisfied yet. :slight_smile:
(i got only general tips and josefine.asf was not really benassi 's styled… :slight_smile:

if you have MUCH more specifical tutorial… welcome!!!

alienit you are good skilled. i think you take 10 minutes to replicate the sound. show your power!!! :slight_smile:


lol, I did put together this in about 5 minutes ;) benassi in marching-step :D
Very Dry and sharp sawtoth bass (originaly taken from a SH-101 aswell ;)), put reverb on it, and then LOT of compressor to remove the reverb from the acctual sound… Then a bass drum and an hihat, compressor on them aswell to make them sound compact. Then LOT of compressor on the master track to make the typical bassdrum sucking feeling…
Just remember, I did this in 5 minutes so it maybe doesn’t sound very well but it atleast shows the basic princips… I have also exaggerated with the effects very much just to make it as understandable as possible ;)

oh, I made this whit headphonies… I noticed that the hihat was way to high if you listen to it in the speakers. set a gainer on track 02 and put volume to around 50% to fix that ;)

I just noticed that the webhotell does not support direct linking so go to the page and then cut and past the link to the file and then load it from the page to download the file ;)

hey Twilek!
Thanx for you help.

i still have some problem to get the file, i ll try later and tell you.



Compression and compression.

About the compression I might be able to help you with this one.

Here’s one thing I didon a tracker with sidechain compressor.
Track “Sputnik”

Feel free to check other tracks too. :rolleyes:

Sorry for inconvenience, lads, it’s working now.

There’s also another place i’ve put’em.

cheers :ph34r:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t get them to decompress. Are you sure you uploaded them as binary files?

Try other site. Are you using newest RAR?

2 laurencedavies: it’s only you probably. Maybe old RAR version.

Here i upload my recent benassi-like track cut.

Sounds familiar ? ;)

To reach this suckin’ bdr pumper i used (mastertrack) beautifull free mastering effect plugin from Arguru, called ‘Stardust’, that i can Highly Recommend!
(download at

yes, stardust is a absolutely nice comp. - using it since a few months and it made me forget about some other commercially available compression tools, like the akai quadcomp which i always loved so much.

This effect is made by using a compressor. The instrument itself is “sawish” waveform with heckloads of reverb. This is again routed through a compressor using the kick/bassdrum as a sidechain input.

Sidechaining is a very powerfool tool, not just to create effects like this, but also to make the kick and bass sound “tighter”.

I do not know if renoise supports sidechaining natively, but this is a very good (and affordable) plugin that enables it in any VST-host.

That compressor you recommend is DirectX plugin, man, or i wrong ?

BTW: TC Native Bundle (VST version) also contains TC Sidechain plug that works as a unit with TC Compressor/Limiter