Best Controller with Renoise (easiest)

Hi Everybody,

I have tried Lauflicht with Novation Launchpad. I am doing more and more stuff with renoise and I am thinking to buy additional controller.
I don´t need a keyboard, I have a mpk and and Fantom S.

With which one can I do the best controlling effects, Vst parameters ?

Which one is the best for drum triggering? is there maybe a tool for APC 40 to have both.

Any tip is welcome, before I buy again and sell on ebay. Thanks in advance.

I think almost any would be good if you can think of creative ways to use it. Personally I would first look at the ones supported by Duplex because that can really open up renoise and your controller and it is simple to use but the list of supported controllers is not huge and not particularly reflective of what is currently available. The MPD32 is old now but could suit you, lots of faders, knobs and pads. APC40 would be also be great.

You can make your own Duplex preset for any controller but it’s a bit in depth (imo).

Is there any controller you can recommend with Linux / Renoise or will every class compliant controller be fine?

As long as it is class compliant t then it should be fine. Some might have editors that require windows/mac but should be ok other than that.

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Wasn’t Duplex now considered as “outdated” for some (for me unknown) reason, by Danoise himself? Maybe I don’t remember correctly.

I think it would be great, if there was a tool supporting MCU Pro standard (Mackie control unit protocol), as it is supported by almost any DAW and a lot of today’s controllers. Also it supports two way communication for motor faders and displays on the hardware devices.

EDIT: I found this, will test that Duplex: Layout For Mackie Control Universal Pro

Thanks, I asked because I read somewhere that although it’s class compliant it can happen that only the keys work. So it’s not a guaranty that every button and every fader will work even if it’s class compliant. Or it’s maybe a mapping problem of the DAW?

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I’m not sure about that, if it is class compliant then they should output a mappable signal. I suppose some of the features might not work as intended, like novation’s automap or NI’s parameter display, but I haven’t heard of buttons or faders not working.