Best Meals

i have about $20 and need to feed myself. any suggestions? warm dinner-type foods preferred.

macaroni and cheese < your suggestion < $20


One meal for $20? That is a lot to play with my man.

OK, how about making the ultimate sandwich…

Baguette, cheese, tomatos, pepperoni, olives, black pepper, chicken/beef/pork, lettuce, chillis etc.

It is fun to make, fills you up like hell and leaves loads of stuff left over for use in other food.

REALLY load in the food and stick a book on it for a few hours (if you can wait that long). Squashes it all down.

Cook the meat in tomato juice, loads of chillis and onions etc.

Mayo inside too.

Go mad.

Defo can do this for less than $20 dollars!

pancakes are nice and easy, you just need milk, eggs and flour (?), you just need to decide what to put on top of them. or you use chocolate-milk and add some banana-splices.

do some other stuff for pasta, frozen vegetables+cream, tuna+tomatosauce,salmon+cream and so on.

or fried potatoes together with frozen vegetables, add some cheese to that, that’s my favourate when I’m hungry and don’t want to do something work-intense.

for 20$ you can get one bigass meal :) you can get pretty much all you want…

Eat the dollar bills. They taste better with a little salt and pepper.

maybe he’s talking about canadian or australian dollars, in which case $20 could almost buy him a pack of ramen ??? :P

I just buy groceries at Aldi, it does it for me :

this is what I get at my local Aldi -

Huge lettuce - 79 cents
1 kilogram of bio carrots - 99 cents
2.5 kilograms of potatos - 99 cents
1 can of sweetcorn - 35 cents
1 litre of lowfat milk -55cents

It’s really absurdly cheap …

etc etc…
Learn how to cook a few recipes and lay off the frozen meals, it’s apt to save you a load of good money!
Plus you get to decide how much fat and empty carbs go into your meals, can’t be bad! (1 litre of veggie oil, 35 cents :hihi:

Marco :)

robert says, lesson 1 for pomm-shankarism:

with that 20bucks, do what ever you want to do,
spend it or put in safe for later use.
AND when hunger strikes, go find some religious people.
no matter what religion they are representing, usually they are happy to have new ‘members’ and for that they give you a FREE meal and some brochures…easy deal.

from street you can get flyers which are pointing thee locating to temple. Hare Krishnas and/or buddha style freaks are most common and easiest.

peace, rob

Slice some potatoes into “boats”, 8 from 1 potato is good. Add olive oil (or whatever you have that’s similar and suited to frying), spice’em with salt, pepper and cayenne, put in oven for 30 minutes, eat with créme fraiche (for the freshness, or alternatively for the real dinner-feel, brown sauce) and frozen vegetables for a very healthy and tasty meal.

The cheapest way is to make the sauce yourself, but if you lack butter, wheat flour or the right flavour enhancers, get an easy pack. Even with that it would cost me something like 6$ to make a dinner for two with this, most likely even less.

sounds ace, but where is the protein?

i made Gyoza tonight from scratch. quite a feat.

it was amazing. gyoza for the win

Are you kidding? 55 cents for just 1 litre of LF milk? I think living in Persia Iran has some economical benefits… 1 litre of LF milk goes for 12 cents here. ;)


shit, milk here is about $4 per gallon which is approx 3.7 liters… and… usually we get organic milk which is $6 :(

aldi is pretty cool, although on the other side of town from us so the gas price only makes it worth going occasionally

Hum, milk here (judging by is approximatly 2 US$ per liter. Which is a very accepted price.

Alcohol in the stores on the other hand is more close to 500 NOK, which is 88 US$ per liter for 60% alcohol content.

No wonder I don’t drink. Ever. ;)

awesome suggestions. i’m pretty hungry now. thanks everyone :D

I highly suggest ramen noodles plus literally any veggies you want. I put some miso paste and spicy sauces in when I’m cooking it as well. Being a poor college student, I find myself eating this meal about 4 times a week haha.

Damn, Gyoza is really hard to make. I tried making them with some ebi tempura and udon and the gyoza turned out really bad but the other two were good.

Can you suggest a good recipe or way to make them?

ah, cabbagewrapper…kaalikääryle, trad food in phinland. and i tell you they are un-phokin-believable delicious…and bigger, HUGE. chines one are fakes…i got hungry, huv to give a call to mom and go to visit at parents place…she is best cooker!

you see, you can also try what im doing, mannetus, thii gypsie style to hustalata. take a round and go see your revatives, friends, goto make peace with enemies and have a dinner at their place :D

also commune style stone soup story kind ov things i like a lot. you bring carrots, your friend brings onions, some other guy is bringing herbs ectect and when you have alot ppl with good organization, you get one helluva fest-i-val…

for further reading:

i think story is originally coming from poland or somewhere else from balcans…

pEAS, r0b

_edit ah almost forgot: most logical way , now cos we are talkin in renoise phorum, is of course:
free meal - no deal, setup i have been using alot. instructions are simple:

1.make music with renoise
2.send your demo to EMI/Sony Music/Warner Music Group ectect
3.they hear it and they want it
4.go to see record company ppl and usually you get:
-free taxi
-free meal
-free cognac
-free cigar
-ectect, you know ;)

and when they want to hear your decision just rudely say “we got no deal.” and walk away and put those tracks to internet :D

Oh my gosh! Why is it so expensive? A bottle of 70% alcohol (~700cc) is 3500 Tomans here which equals approx. 3.7 US$. The near absolute 96% bottles are ~ 4.5 US$.

Now I see why I’m the most drunk man of renoise community! :wacko:

when low on cash, the best meals are eaten at a friend’s place. ;)

It’s expensive in Norway (and Sweden) because of politics. Extra taxes and other costs to regulate prices, mainly with the argument to keep down drug-related crimes, keeping people’s health in shape and thus reducing socialized medicine costs for treatments. If you buy a pack of cigarettes in Sweden, the package is plastered all over with warning texts saying “Smoking will make you impotent” or “Smoking will kill you”. It’s very obvious that this is politically imposed market regulation. Same goes for milk and the entire food market in all EU countries.