Best of Synthwave

This thread is dedicated to the best Synthwave tracks ever.
So where’s the gold Synthwave has to offer? Post your favorites including a link right here.

Let me set this off with the following 10 songs:

Droid Bishop - Nightland

Fourge - Accelerator (feat. Nightlite)

Waveshaper - Artificial Promises

Morgan Willis - Black Thunder

Mitch Murder - Breeze

Lazerhawk - Somnus

Tonebox - Blue Night

Glowline - Escape

Juno Dreams - Be With Me

Mercury 82 - Midnight Run

I could continue for hours, but let’s leave it for now. I could also post a lot of stuff including vocals. I’m curious what songs @ffx and all the other Synthwave fans prefer. Let’s pool the best stuff in this thread. I think I know most Synthwave existing, but of course I want to get to know more.


Awesome topic! @TNT


Anything by this band, but especially this:


I am lame, I mostly like the classics. Don’t have my itunes tracks on this computer, maybe these are quite good, too.


They are, but I’m looking for your favorites, the best of the best according to your taste.

Let’s bring together the best stuff available. And btw, I really love videos like the one you’ve posted. Epic nostagia! Let me know when you’ve invented the time machine to bringe me back.

Great band and great song. My favorite is another one, see below.
Ok, let’s have 10 more vocal tracks. My personal favorites:

FM-84 - Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)

Dryve - City Nights (feat. Fatherdude)

Yota - Tangled Love

Laura Dre - Moving Spaces

Madelyn Darling - Bad Tourist

The Midnight - Gloria

Roxi Drive - Breathe You (feat. Nebula Black)

Thought Beings - Hazy

Ulver - Echo Chamber (Room Of Tears)

LAU - Stunning


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10 “early” favorites:


I won’t lie, I’m not cloo clued up on Synthwave, if this counts - then I like it a lot:

Edit: and this if it counts:

Both remind me heavily of the Drive soundtrack.

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10 more must haves:

I listen to Synthwave since the 80s, but this Renoise song started the nowadays’ fever in 2014:

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My absolute favourite… Starfell by Albatrauss

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… and runner up… my own… “synthwave beach” by “dream haze”:

In the 80s, synthwave was just called “music”.

Does this count, then? :upside_down_face:

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Sure! Just stick a phaser on the master track and slow it down 30 BPM.

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Not where I come from. It was simply called “Electronic” or “Synth”. And in case there were also some vocals, it was called “Synth Pop”. Indeed electronic music styles weren’t THAT specific in comparison with today, but of course we already had specific electronic music styles in the 80s, just like Acid, House, Electro and so on.

Another 10 Synthwave songs that are worth listening to:

Your own song would fit in this thread that’s dedicated to own songs. :wink: