Best Tracks From 2008


As next episode of Remixta is going to be released on the early 2009, it is going to be a lookback episode playing all the best tracks from year 2008. For this I am asking your help. What are your favourite Renoise tracks from year 2008? Share this stuff with me. Send me your favourite track names and if possible link to the track to my private message, or email. Also add your contact info. :)


  • Send up to 5 of your favourite tracks to:
  • My PM in Renoise forums
  • To email: s_u_v_a(at) (Remove ALL underscores)
  • Add your contact info
  • Don’t propose your own tracks.
  • Renoise Demo songs don’t count.
  • You have time until the end of the year 2008.

I will give away one Renoise T-Shirt to a random person who gives atleast 3 of his favourite tracks.

Should be all from 2008, in no particular order:

mmd - Party Line
Keith303 - En Vie
B-Complex - Bigger Oranges

Go ahead. :D

Also, I will pick my favourites aswell, to make sure that all good tracks will get played. :)

this is the tune i made month ago, was fired on Hospital podcast - that’s where the rip is from :) hopefully has a bright future in 2009 , fingers crossed :)

Thou shalt not propose your very own tracks.
Follow other people tracks you should.
This is what Remixta says.

(have sent PM as well)

in random order:
Saine - The Grinder
Xerxes - Cleopatra
Void Pointer - Stuffed Animals (org.version)
Beatslaughter & Ptrance^rayn / Bluflame - Crowbar Massacre
Oleksus - Дзвін (Ringing)

This is Killer.
I nominate this for sure.

B-Complex already said that he can’t give this track to me as it’s going to be released under Hospital soon enough. I may contact the label personally if really neccesary, cause I am such kind of bitch. :)

Best tracks from 2008:
Kaneel - Un matin presque bleu
Kaneel - Carrousel
She - Gum
Charly Linch - Marbles
Polybius - Ephemere

… and one more for good measure… I forgot all about this one until a minute ago:
JBL - I never said it was breakcore

Whoa…haven’t listened to the other tracks but that Polybius one is outstanding.

Charly Linch - Marbles
IT-Alien - La Femme et le Chien
She - Gum

:rolleyes: Oh well if we’re going to spam our own tracks… I might as well join in :P … here’s my personal best from 2k8 (imo):…20to%20live.mp3


Yeah, Polybius track was already in my list. :) It’s amazing stuff.

Props from the Hospital crew, wow.

Great tune.

Where’s this Hospital podcast at? I want to subscribe?

Maybe it would make sense to have a thread where people just put links to all the tracks they’ve made this year, as a kinda nominee thing?

If you want to, you can make one, but this probably just oversaturates the situation. :) The idea is: Good track is memorable track. So people probably remember the best tracks already.

Also I would like to remind you that I am not actually building Top 10. Ofcourse the most mentioned songs will get special attention, but it’s not a competition. It’s about finding the great tracks released in this year that are still in peoples minds and souls. :D

Musicians are self centred musically. Good luck getting them to remember anything but their own shiz :P

… I had to DIG to get my list … I had forgotten the “memorable” tracks I’d heard ;)

+1 For best renoise track of the year .

That’s fuckin amazing , I 've had it on repeat for the last 20 mins !!!

Sick stuff.

Don’t worry, not everyone are so lazy. Some actually are digging the boards right now. :P

Okay I am doing it for atleast. :P

It-Alien - La Femme et le Chien
Mick Rippon - Sunrise
keith303 - Jitter
Beatslaughter & ptrance^rayn- Crowbar Massacre