New Album - 14 Tracks / Funk Electronica

This one is for the reniose team and All you electronica,funk,disco and dnb fans. 14 tracks. enjoy!

click image to download .zip
also available in .rar here

After pushing renoise to it’s limits with an Quad core Extreme X9650, with some songs reaching 65 channels with over 20~30 DSP effects running on each, maxing out the sample inventory, and after strange (and stupid crashes), it’s finaly done.

14 tracks written under the period sep2007 to june2008, the main focus of this album was to mix some funk with electronica and add a japanese flavor to the mix.
Vocals with and without the use of vocoders and pitch benders, electric guitars, fat synths and disco beats… a little bit of french touch, a little bit of pop.
There are some calm songs with piano and strings to even things out and prevent your ears from bleeding.

100% written, arranged and composed in renoise.
Seriously, this album wouldn’t be here without this awesome software.
Things could be improved with it, but overall it rocks :yeah: and this album shows what it’s capable of!

keep up the awesome work guys! now, enjoy the music!

2 minutes in. Love it already. Good work.

Not quite my style , but I like the overall production and themes …I love ’ together ’ and ’ autumn in space ’ ( being an autumn kid myself , from space :rolleyes:

reaching 65 channels with over 20~30 DSP effects running on each<-- HOLY SHISH!
But its soo worth it!
Reel good music :slight_smile:

Less is more? :P

Anyway, dl’ing…

Less IS more, but not in renoise :P

… this is great!

:panic: :w00t: FOR FREE!!! This is great. I love it!!!

Crazy stuff, pro production, awesome sound, reminded me of newer daft punk, but more dynamic and housy.

Me likes!

How I’m dying to see some well produced melodic songs here and now this.
A whole album full of satisfaction for my needs. Colorful, jazzy, housy, good chord progressions, funky basslines with slaps, good work with drums, great! A bit too much of JPop in it - I’d wish some clearer vocals and lead melodies in most songs, can still enjoy it however. Some song ends might “show” that it’s a bit demoscenish but I love it that way - don’t change!
Even if I might be picky here ocasionally I find that the BD is too soft, too long, kickless and 808-ish (e.g. in “gum”). Still well managed french house pumping. Well, I suppose you did that without a compressor there.

Haha, “Touch and Go” has an old cheesy chord progression but it fits just well there.

Happy to see I’m not the only one keeping songs shorter than 3 minutes :)

Your album inspired me. I sat down the last two days and made my own (first) song in renoise.
I can’t get enough of thes damn guitar in coloris :guitar:. And I like the theme and overall atmosphere of destination lunar4. There could be a video clip for like Wamdue Projects King of my Castle. Well, that is what I see on my mind :)

Rock on!

Your MySpace has +9000 listens a day?

Excellent electro-pop. Thanks for the album!

Excellent sound and the song order works great!

I’m really impressed that you got this together in <9 months, was this totally a solo project?

Thanks for sharing!!!

well, it took about 1 month all in all to compose/arrange it. But I was lazy and busy so it was spread out over a bigger period of time :P
yes, it is done by myself :)

Gainer (this one’s awesome), Limiter/compressor, Flanger, Distortion, Gate, lofimat, Voxengo eq gliss and vox, Senderella were the regular ones.
Alot of Waves effects and some instrument VST effects were also used.

Indeed. Songs shouldn’t be longer than necessary, they should get the point across in sound/story and arrangement, no need for copypaste and looping :)


Oh wow… the links still work :D … kickass!!

Good stuff. Too bad the tracks are all so short. Well done!

Just downloaded this today. Great songwriting and great ideas. “Gum” stands out strongly as my potential favourite of the album (I’m actually listening as I’m writing this and still have a few songs to go).

However… the entire album is mastered terribly terribly LOUD! Shoud I say “IMHO”? It’s exhausting my ears already, even at a low listening volume. Don’t fall prey to the loudness war, your music doesn’t need this. It’s already captivating enough.

wonderful wonderful wonderful
been listening to this album for 3 days straight now

I actually think the mastering on this album is impeccable… It has lots of dynamic range. I very much like the aggressive punch of the instrumentation. That’s half of what makes it kick ass. If you listen to She’s earlier stuff, you will understand how it got to this. This is actually the most pop influence I’ve ever heard on a She album… earlier stuff is much more industrial, electro, and chip influenced.

Thanks for sharing this. Very inspired work.

Could almost be percieved as overproduced but I think it feels right in this case, feels like it should be overproduced overthetop.

Very very nice!