Best Tracks From 2008

this is the tune i made month ago, was fired on Hospital podcast - that’s where the rip is from :) hopefully has a bright future in 2009 , fingers crossed :)

Thou shalt not propose your very own tracks.
Follow other people tracks you should.
This is what Remixta says.

(have sent PM as well)

in random order:
Saine - The Grinder
Xerxes - Cleopatra
Void Pointer - Stuffed Animals (org.version)
Beatslaughter & Ptrance^rayn / Bluflame - Crowbar Massacre
Oleksus - Дзвін (Ringing)

This is Killer.
I nominate this for sure.

B-Complex already said that he can’t give this track to me as it’s going to be released under Hospital soon enough. I may contact the label personally if really neccesary, cause I am such kind of bitch. :)

Best tracks from 2008:
Kaneel - Un matin presque bleu
Kaneel - Carrousel
She - Gum
Charly Linch - Marbles
Polybius - Ephemere

… and one more for good measure… I forgot all about this one until a minute ago:
JBL - I never said it was breakcore

Whoa…haven’t listened to the other tracks but that Polybius one is outstanding.

Charly Linch - Marbles
IT-Alien - La Femme et le Chien
She - Gum

:rolleyes: Oh well if we’re going to spam our own tracks… I might as well join in :P … here’s my personal best from 2k8 (imo):…20to%20live.mp3


Yeah, Polybius track was already in my list. :) It’s amazing stuff.

Props from the Hospital crew, wow.

Great tune.

Where’s this Hospital podcast at? I want to subscribe?

Maybe it would make sense to have a thread where people just put links to all the tracks they’ve made this year, as a kinda nominee thing?

If you want to, you can make one, but this probably just oversaturates the situation. :) The idea is: Good track is memorable track. So people probably remember the best tracks already.

Also I would like to remind you that I am not actually building Top 10. Ofcourse the most mentioned songs will get special attention, but it’s not a competition. It’s about finding the great tracks released in this year that are still in peoples minds and souls. :D

Musicians are self centred musically. Good luck getting them to remember anything but their own shiz :P

… I had to DIG to get my list … I had forgotten the “memorable” tracks I’d heard ;)

+1 For best renoise track of the year .

That’s fuckin amazing , I 've had it on repeat for the last 20 mins !!!

Sick stuff.

Don’t worry, not everyone are so lazy. Some actually are digging the boards right now. :P

Okay I am doing it for atleast. :P

It-Alien - La Femme et le Chien
Mick Rippon - Sunrise
keith303 - Jitter
Beatslaughter & ptrance^rayn- Crowbar Massacre

Kaneel - Au Revoir pt2
Beatslaughter - Bliss
Mick Rippon - Vegemite
Ashkan - La Amour
It-Alien - Unstoppable Time Gear

I’m not spamming I just did the best tune :) it’s simple B)


:guitar: :D

haven’t seen you around in a while sir, too busy recently ?