Best Way To Integrate Ni Maschine Into Renoise?

Hello all together,

i am starting all over here, tried Renoise and decided to buy it. The Sampling Capabilities are insane and i love them. I tried serveral DAWs, but Renoise is best!

Got a Maschine before, always worked fine with most DAW (dragdrop loop function). Works with Renoise too BUT builds a complete blockade into my workflow, because i have to record live. I love Details but that doesn’t fit up. Maschine’s Scene Sequencer is lame, so i use Renoise as Sequencer.

The Point is: Can anybody give my some Tips or Advice how to get the best Workflow in Renoise with Maschine VST or Standalone?

I would call myself a Technican but i have no Idea how to get things faster done.

Thanks in advance.

Greetz From Germany… German forum anywhere?

You can drag and drop audio directly from Maschine into Renoise instrument slots. Maschine can be in standalone mode when you do this too.

There’s also this Renoise MIDI template for Maschine which is excellent:

and also this Renoise Duplex template for Maschine:

You can also sync the MIDI clock between Renoise and Maschine while both run standalone via virtual MIDI ports.

And Maschine can run as a plugin inside Renoise of course and you can actually trigger Maschine scenes inside the Renoise pattern editor. You can set Maschine’s scenes to be controlled by either program change messages or midi notes. So I can trigger Maschine’s scenes from within the Renoise pattern editor just by typing in a predetermined midi note that corresponds to the scene in Maschine. i.e. C-2 = Scene 1.

I was just about to make a post about this very topic…
Lucky search.

One thing l really want to do live is flick between patterns on my sequencer grid with just one hit.
Is this possible? Also would be good if l could trigger the pattern loop button from Maschine. There maybe a better controller out there for this.
Online information is conflicting at best.


I’m using Renoise for some years now. Doubting about whether to get the Maschine??