Maschine Midi Mapping Template

Templates for Maschine & Renoise:

801 SCRN.jpg


Channels 15-16 are used for everything except midi notes (ch#1)

Volume - Master volume
Tempo - BPM
Swing - Block Loop Range
Note repeat - Block loop

Play - Play / Stop
Rec - Rec
Erase - Metronome
Restart - Pattern Loop
Grid - Quantize

Control/Step -
Browse/Sampling -
Snap/Auto -

Scene - Advanced Pattern Editor
Pattern - Pattern Matrix
Solo - Solo selected track
Mute - Mute selected track

Knob page 1: Track 1-8: Mute / Volume
Knob page 2: Track 1-8: Solo / Pan
Knob page 3: Track dsp (select, active, 8 parameters) + instrument select

Pad page A-D: Schedule Pattern (1-16, 17-32,…)
Pad page E-F: Midi notes (C-1, C0,…)

Issues: Track DSP parameters / Active doesnt update due to renoise not sending midi back

Wow. Thanks, you did a really great job with this. I love the instant mapping of the 8 knobs to native renoise devices and the <- TRCK DSP -> buttons to navigate between the devices is a very nice touch.

You’ve covered so much with this template that I can almost stop using the keyboard and mouse. The only thing missing from this template for me so far are the HOME and END keys, caps lock, alt(option) + tab, and all the edit step shortcuts, and maybe the page up, page down, and delete. But I can always add an external usb keypad and remap it to those other controls you left out.

I guess there’s still some room for more mappings on the Maschine controller too with the 4 buttons between PATTERN and SOLO.

Are you also running Maschine as a plugin inside Renoise? Is it possible to trigger Maschine scenes from inside Renoise?

Anyway, thanks again. You rock!!! :yeah:

On second thought, I probably shouldn’t try to replace the keyboard and mouse (well, at least the keyboard) since I would still need to enter effect commands and such. Also I’m realizing that what makes trackers so cool is that all you need is a computer keyboard and you can use it like an instrument.

But what is so useful about this Maschine template is that it does replace the mouse for a lot of tedious clicking stuff and also seems to be perfect for playing renoise in a Live setup. I love the instant mapping of device paramenters on the knobs, the navigation buttons for switching views between brwoser, scopes, DSPs, automation instrument, pattern editor, mixer…etc. and most of all the triggering/scheduling of the patterns with the pads.

Renoise + Maschine + computer keyboard FTW!

Yes, first there where but (for me at least) its so hard to remember what button did what if there’s no link with text and function.

I usually run maschine as stand-alone or in logic. Altough I like renoise much, lack of midi mapping for transport and renoise crashed when slaved to maschine (should be fixed in next release) left my experiments to few attemps. But now with 2.5, im very excited. This could be ultimate combo for live and jamming! :o

Yes, just set “scene midi settings” to “midi note”, C-000=Scene 1, C#000=Scene2,… and so on.

Im already planning on new template but ill wait until we get 2.5 final.

btw. think of all the possibilities when maschine 1.5 comes out and you can automate stuff with renoise meta devices.

I’ve been using 1/4 paper tape like these from
It doesn’t leave residue like masking tape so it’s great for labeling.

Yeah, integrating maschine with renoise seem buggy at the moment. I tried running Maschine as a plugin as either AU or VST in Renoise (in both 2.1 and 2.5 beta3) and it renoise always hangs when I try to load a sample/sound in Maschine. Have you had this problem at all?

Awesome. Thanks. I’ll try that out.

Also, I’m curious how you have your setup since you mentioned running Maschine in Logic. Do you also run Renoise at the same time? I’m finding that Maschine integrates well inside Ableton Live as a plugin but I would also like to integrate Renoise at the same time so that Live can act as a host/master and record the triggering of scenes in Maschine and patterns in Renoise. Do you have something like that going on with Logic?

Rewire :)

That works really great. Thanks. I guess C0 in Renoise equals C-2 in Maschine?

By the way, I noticed that while trying to use Renoise as rewire slave to Ableton Live using your Maschine template, the Loop button on Maschine controller turned global loop for Ableton Live on and off instead of affecting Renoise. Everything else on the Maschine transport acts as they should according to your template.

Maschine as a plugin in Renoise is such a sick combo! I really couldn’t ask for much more, except for maybe timestretch.

And this is also making me rethink my setup. Your mention of using Logic makes me curious. Are you running Logic as rewire master and syncing to Renoise that way? I’m really interested in being able to have a rewire master host (whether it’s Logic or Live) synced with Renoise and either have the host trigger Renoise patterns or have Renoise trigger cue points or patterns in the host program. Are you doing something like this, aksn? Like the ability to trigger/program the Renoise patterns from Logic’s timeline? Or are you just tracking out to multitrack audio in Logic after doing all the arranging in Renoise?

I don’t own the maschine and never will but that’s very interesting. We need more of these things.

I dont have any usual setup or habbit when I start to make track, pick up something from hw/sw/acoustic lying around and expand from there by feeling.

When I have Renoise slaved to Logic, they already have pattern/timeline position of song synced, so no need for pattern triggering. I often render down some loops/clips and switch between programs.

Logic is usually for recording (guitar, synth, perc…), mixing (eq, reverb, amp…), keys (rhodes, hammond…) and mastering. Renoise / Maschine to make grooves, fx, sequence synths, rework/chop recorded samples.


When you say that you have the pattern/timeline position of song synced, do you mean that you arrange your patterns in renoise and have ithem play in order along Logic’s linear timeline from beginning to end? But what if you wanted to start playing from a certain point along Logic’s timeline and not just the beginning? In that scenario, how would Renoise know which corresponding pattern to play along with Logic, or vice versa?

Anyway, sorry to go a bit off topic. Is your Maschine template’s Tempo knob set to a certain range? It seemed to be set from 60 to 187bpm the last time I tried it.

Ok, so I get to answer my own question after actually trying it out. I didn’t realize that when you rewire renoise with a linear timeline sequencer as found on most DAWs, renoise patterns are synced to different points in the timeline, instead of being mostly unaware of each other, other than starting from the very beginning as I assumed. I assumed this because until now I hardly ever worked with a linear timeline and almost strictly in Live’s session view matrix. I was looking to rewire renoise to Live’s session view (and yet to successfully sync Live’s scenes to renoise patterns that way) but now that I see how this can be done with linear timelines, I may just have to rethink my workflow. Plus, I can see how a linear timeline can encourage decision making compared to how easily you can fall into the vortex of experimentation in Live’s session view.

has this been updated just yet?

also, any reason why the maschine vst doesn’t come up as an instrument option?

what should the midi settings look like for this configuration?

this is all new to me.

Probably a stupid question, but will this work with the mikro?

how can i implement this in Maschine mkII ? I cannot open this in Controller Editor. Any help ?

Does it work in yosemite?