Better sample browser (subfolder search)


because Renoise is sample oriented i would love to have sample browser function like Reaper has
-> means you can search for files recursively.
If i write kick, it shows various_kick files_in all the subfolders.

btw. how do you organize your simple library in Renoise?

If i download some multi-sample pack, there are one-shot samples, loops etc. in different folders
so when i am looking for some kick i usually forgot to look at_/samples/multisamples/musicradar/grimesamples/oneshots/drums/kick1.wav_ for example

Use a good desktop search engine for this purpose and then just drag and drop the files you audition from explorer into Renoise.

Check out for example Everything at

For auditioningthe .wav files, check for example

Quote: “The Pro version allows you to drag and drop selections of any audio file into new files and thus extract portions of audio.”

Well, this is my setup, anyway. :slight_smile:

Also see this post for some tips about rendering from Renoise:

If you’re on a Mac, AudioFinder is awesome.

Yes, and please “AND” clause for search, too! And in plugin list?? So the search string “kick 80s” will match “super duper 80s collection/606 kick 1.wav” , “kick80s.wav” and “kick 80s.wav”. Or let’s say “wav strings”.

Even more advanced “format:wav,32bit size:>4mb” ok this goes to far now. I think the upper suggestion + and clause is not that time consuming to implement.

Btw. is there a way to reduce Renoise’s constant directory reading? For example, using filesystem’s change events instead?

Thank you for your tips but using external software isn’t ideal

i would love to have possibility to search instruments by name through saved songs

After downloading tons of samples from Music Radar etc., I was also looking for something like this. The free Resonic version is very promising, it can also play midi track previews.

And I found this open source project AuralProbe. It scans complete directory trees and has a clever algorithm that categorizes your samples by using wildcards and regular expressions, while leaving your original files and directories untouched - worth a try. Besides preview (pre-listen) function It also supports drag and drop directly into Renoise. right mouse button reveals the sample directory in the explorer.

328129.jpg 328127.jpg

Of course it is not (yet) in Renoise. But maybe a good idea to implement.