Bidule, Jack, Energyxt, MidiRouting.. Catanya

Hi everyone, this post is about using catanya or similar “arpeggiator” or “strummer” within renoise,
Though Ive searched the forums, I might say the subject has become a really messy thing.

Someone said midirouting is unavailable at this time within renoise so using catanya this way” cannot be done that easy.

Then another posts mention energyxt, bidule, jack… or even rewiring ableton may be a solution
to a catanya-renoise partnership. It may be my english/audio knowledge isnt enough, but please,
is there any posts or video tutorials explaining how to make this “advanced” midirouting work?

For which platform? Solutions are specific to each platform.
For Jack in Linux this is fairly easy. On Windows, this won’t work in Jack though as on Windows, Jack gets assigned all the midi devices once you open it with a parameter to also enable the midi routing option.
In Windows you have free solutions like VST host and VST board.

Im testing in w7x64 with renoise 32bit 2.8.
Ive done some tests with EnergyXt… And it finally seems to work ¡¡

· Renoise - EneryXt - Catanya

  • I write down two simultaneously notes on track 01 (C-4 and E-4) with vst instrument energyXt.
  • In energyXt settings: MidiIn > Catanya (with a pattern loaded) > Vst instrument plugin > AudioOut.

Thanks for assisting me, it is difficult for me to understand all these messy Ins - Outs / program within program within…