Big Ups To Kasmo/Oxyron

I am probably late to the party on this one as I saw this being discussed in a thread a while back.

However. just downloaded RC2 and thusly the included sound design/meta device tutorial song. Stunning!!

I have heard many takes on the sine wave only experiment and this by far the best one yet, couldn’t believe the snare was just a sine wave! Obviously fx add layers of harmonics etc…thats the whole point.

Gr8 job of showing what an amzing creative tool Renoise can be. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the key tracking and velocity devices…think I might have a dabble.

If any of you haven’t heard it, you sure better!!

A true example of ninja tracking!! :walkman: :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: :ph34r:

ye, i enjoyed that! lotsa stuff going on there!

edit: btw, why isn’t kaneel’s & mushen’s track included among the demo songs?

thank you very much tarek :)

about the snare, there are a lot of different ways to do it. a fast way is a very small fx chain (lofimat with noise 100%, followed by reverb and then a distortion) and ofcause c-4 02f0.
ive tested a lot the last few month and ive learned sooo much about sounddesign. and only renoise is responsible for that :D

so, thanks again !


I must give credit where credit is due!!

I have meaning to ask you, where does the “more cowbell master” thing come from?

I laugh every time I see it, even if its a small giggle…A De La Mancha plug is named More Cowbell…any connection?

hehe that`s simple, just read here The More Cowbell Competition :D

Just checked it out; indeed, this is cool stuff.