Binaural Beats

Has anyone really attempted and suceeded in creating such a thing in renoise… or just atall really? If so i’d like to se an .xnrs or somerthing because this is something i’m relly interested in mastering. Thanks!! [center]

I’ve never heard of binaural beats but looking it up at wikipedia I realize this is the theory behind some of Ryoji Ikedas and Alva Notos work. Interesting!

there might be this forum thread talking about a similar thing? How To Create 3D Sounds

i’m no expert, but they are also talking ‘binaural’…

There are some good binaural beat generators which work a lot easier than doing it in Renoise because you have precise control over the frequencies.

If you want to do it in Renoise just take 2 sinewaves, one on the left channel and one on the right, with the same frequency and tune one of them a bit higher/lower with the Finetune. You could work out the binaural frequency depending on the frequency of your source sinewave and the amount of finetuning.

Example: 440 Hz sinewave + 440 Hz sinewave with a finetuning of +4 would give a binaural beat of 0,824063 Hz (466.164 - 440 = 26,164 ÷ 127 = 0,20601575 x 4 = 0,824063) which is a binaural beat in the delta range (deep sleep).

*Edit: Here’s a .xrns file with the example above:


you mean 3D panning can’t? wish me luck explaining that to my wife…

hahaha, man, that sounds promising. i wonder if it’s available als a VSTi.

Nice. I’ll look into all this stuff… that 3d panning sounds kick ass too! [center]

You can do that “experimental” things with Max or pure data.

Is there any archive of this sound ?

Is there any advice on this with Renoise ?

I had the original .xrns still in my archives. I resaved it in Renoise 3.3.1 and zipped it: