How To Create 3D Sounds

I have been listening to some music, dnb/techno/etc, and some sfx sounds like its really close. Like I end up looking around my room b/c I thought I heard something but it was actually the music playing on the headphones. Does anyone have any tips in doing this in Renoise.
Heres an example put on headphones.

I know some panning is involved but I can’t get it sound good at all.

You get a binaural mic ( )and record your own ‘3-d signal’, or use plugins that pan the signal using binaural processing ( ). I must say that I haven’t heard that convincing plugins as of yet though.

Also some really interesting plugins here (that I don’t believe are on KVR iirc):

Use the stereo expander’s “Surround” fader.

this is not surround. Jonas is right: the youtube example is done using a binaural microphone, I have heard the exact same demonstration years ago as MP3 file. Now every audio file seems to need a youtube link in order to get some attention

yes )

The reason I asked for help on 3d sounds because when I listen to some drum n bass I notice that high end of the bass riff jumps out a lot. You can kind of feel it in your face but I know it requires some filtering and but I have not found out how to do it. Heres an example. sorry for posting so much youtube links but I think listening is better than explaining.

warning its a little trippy especially where it starts at 1:20
My link

I also heard these guys use UAD pluggins. I think it requires special hardware.

If you want different parts of spectrum to have different placement on stereo field you can split the sound into 2-3 bands and place them differently.
You can divide one bass sound into 3 parts for example: bass, mid and high. Bass should be generally mono, but on the mids and highs you can use a chorus or a flanger and combine them with some automated filtering/distortion/whatever.

Here’s something to show what I’m talking about.

I had not idea that you can do that using the send signal. But it seems to take lot out my cpu. Thanks for posting that. I usually end up rendering the sample and filtering it adding other effects on mids.

This :Flux Spat do the job really well in my opinion.
And don’t forget that binaural plugins sounds better sended to a nice realistic reverb.

1400 euro’s… These guys are really sick…

There is a fully working demo with no time limitation, it just doesn’t save (I’m using screenshot to remember my settings).

Pulled that tune out the box for the first time in a few years the other day :)

Neat to have a plugin that does it right?
Don’t ask me where i got it from. Officially no longer downloadable so grab it while you can…

Be careful though, don’t turn your headphones too loud, this plug has some dangerous clicks that can damage your ears when changing the toggles!

Why do they always say “use your headphones”. I can hear the effect on my speakers as well… :wacko:

Yes, if they stand pretty close, you can enjoy the effects as well, but try to sit further away, like playing this stuff on your living-room amplifier and then compare that output to when you have your headphones on.
Also on speakers it is harder to distinguish if an audio source is coming from above or beneath you (or behind)

How do I download from from the link. I just see advertising.

Aha, nice, he put them back online…
Last time i checked he removed all these plugins due to copyright issues of the convolution algorithm.

Can you be more precise what is patented, this whole multiply & add algorithm is pretty common in computing, no?