Bitmap loading

So this time I’ve got another stupid error just like last time, and I can’t figure out what it is. 3714 nl.jeweett.InstrMixer_Rns280_V1.1.xrnx here’s a new version of InstruMix, and I just wanted to add a little legend to the side (to be posted on the right hand side later and possibly collapsible) but it won’t load the bitmap, everytime I launch this new version I get only “file doesn’t exist or error loading bitmap” or whatever.
Could anybody maybe be so helpful to help me find out what’s going wrong?
Much obliged!

Hiya! You have alpha channel info in your bmp file. I got it working by opening it and saving again as bmp with no alpha info… I don’t have much experience on bitmaps and viewbuilder, but to make an image transparent I’d try to just leave the ‘to-be-transparent’ pixels black, and save with no alpha channel info. This, again, purely deducing from the xrnx documentation…

Thank you KMaki, that was just it, I just don’t really know my way around all these darn image formats, seeing that even bmp in gimp has 10 different formats to save to. New version is up now!

Time to start looking what this tool is about, then! Don’t know how I’ve missed this, as the whole lower frame is the one spot that is so hard to reach with the keyboard… P.S. Seems you forgot the test-bitmap menu entry there… v.1.11, quick? ;)