[Solved] Is there a max script count?

Just coded two more scripts from ‘scratch’ well copying from other scripts, now these won’t show up in Tool Browser to Enable/Disable. Already restarted Renoise a few times, but this usually wasn’t necessary to recognize the tools appearing. Anybody got an idea?
PS also, Scripting Terminal shows absolutely nothing when doing ‘Reload all tools’ from main menu or ST menu…

Have you made them into Tools and dragged and dropped them to install them?

If not have you maybe made a simple mistake such as I am prone to. Ones I have suffered from recently are forgetting to end the folder name with .xrnx and typos in the manifest.xml.

Easiest way to check would be a drag and drop install…

When copying, I could very well imagine making a mistake of not editing the manifest.xml… I don’t know how renoise would react when having two identical manifest.xmls in the Scripts-folder.

Yes, so I’ve tried zipping it up, renaming to .xrnx then drag&dropping, gave nothing, not even an error…

I recognize this but this time I did edit manifest.xml properly (least you have to edit is the Id aka package name, Name is handy, for the rest, main.lua, well normally it displays errors if you have the same menu entry twice, right??)

So it doesn’t install by the sounds of it. Therefore there must be an error somewhere. I was surprised when an error within the manifest.xml stopped once of mine installing (you try and drag and drop and the mouse cursor turns into a circle with a line through it on Windows, the symbol for an illegal action.) I would have thought it only checked file extension, or at most what files are contained within, but seemingly the checks are more advanced than that even before letting go of the mouse button.

do you have your manifest files setup correctly?

I really think so… is the category parameter a free string?

I would imagine its one of the two issues already mentioned:

Manifest is incorrect. Note that the tool name must match the folder name (without .xrnx) and is case sensitive.

I’d recheck the tools’ folder name and post the manifest here for others to check.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<renoisescriptingtool doc_version="0"><br>
  <name>Recent Files</name><br>
  <author>Cas | casmarrav@gmail.com</author><br>
  <description>Shortcuts for Load Last Loaded/Saved song file</description><br>

I’m driving myself mad trying to think up what could cause this… I’ve also made a softlink (ln -s) from homedir to .renoise/…/Scripts/Tools called ~/renoise-tools but I had that before adding new tools became a problem. I have also added a softlink within the tools dir to /usr/share/renoise/…/Documentation called ‘~/renoise-tools/docs’, could this cause a problem? Also my whole tools dir of course is under git vc but I had it set up way before this weirdness first occurred.
I’ve also noticed Renoise disk browser didn’t want to acknowledge/see themes I copied to the /usr/share renoise themes directory…

Ok sorry, this is now solved… I made almost the same tool with the Create Tool Tool
for some reason in my VIM made one I had:

-- Keys --  
function inst_binds()  
 for i = 1, 10 do  
 if not renoise.tool():has_keybinding("Global:Tools:Open recently loaded #"..i) then  
 renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Tools:Open recently loaded #"..i,  
 invoke = function() ll(i) end  
 if not renoise.tool():has_keybinding("Global:Tools:Open recently saved #"..i) then  
 renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Tools:Open recently saved #"..i,  
 invoke = function() ls(i) end  
-- Reload --  
_AUTO_RELOAD_DEBUG = function()  

and this does not install or give error or whatever. So in this case my use of the reload function has a awkward effect. (my bad)