Blac Waldo - "it Begins" Ep

I’ve Finally finished my EP
It’s available on bandcamp for money

but i’m puttin up here for free

here is the link

hit me on myspace if ya dig the tunes

heeey, this is pretty sexeh.

think the last 2 tracks are my fav, but not sure yet… just a first listen, nice²


hey, i listened through your whole myspace and liked most of it. those pitchbended sounds bended my mind quite successfully and ocassional melodies brought bliss when it needed, so congratulations!
will download ep now :)

cool tracks, downloading now

Thank You GUys So mUCh

Some pretty funky banging shit :D

You should send a demo to “ed banger records” ;)

Easier Said than done …
I’ve been trying to find their address/email
or any REAL contact on that label for about a year now

if any of know anybody or have any kinda connect with that label
plzz pm (ha)

Hey BW, wicked tunes.

Imma shamelessly promote MBC #2 and point out that one of the judges is part of a local crew that has ties with Ed Banger. If you want to take the long way around, then maybe submit one of your tracks to the contest?

Good times.

word … Big Ups man …