Mutant Breaks Competition #2

The competition has ended, here’s the abridged version:




Anyone remember the last pile of noise?

Well it’s back, and more unorganized than ever.

Mutant Breaks Compo #2
Deadline: August 24th, 2009

Electro / Bassline / Breakbeats / Jungle / Drum & Bass / IDM / Breakcore / Dubstep / Experimental / Noise

Judges (so far? click those links people)

  • Murdock of Planet Break Records
  • 6955 - Game consoles and beats
  • Patrick Tregaskin - Do your own research because I have no idea who this may or may not be. Mystery judge?
  • Hatchmatik - Unstoppable force
  • Mayday My hero, DJ extraordinaire, occasional journalist for DOA
  • DJ Fishead - Two decades of DJ pedigree with roots in the midwest
  • Blake Market - The last remaining pilar of Trotch Records
  • Me - I got nothing

Maybe more judges to come… check this thread for updates it’s a shmorgesborg of celebrity judges!!!

The story behing the theme: When soliciting judges, not everyone says yes. One of the responses was “Music isn’t a contest, go play RBI Baseball” - Thusly, the theme is a joke. Please ignore the theme. I can’t believe I have to explain this, thereby ruining the whole concept, but there you go. Are you happy now IRC hecklers? Well, are you? :wink:


Pro-tip: Visit the judges webpages and listen to their music, visit last years’ MBC page and read what the judges had to say, make something the judges will actually be into, ignore the RBI Baseball theme.


  • Breakbeats, basslines, any tempo, any thing.
  • Some proof that Renoise was involved with production, an MP3/OGG or XRNS file.
  • The track that appears in the most top 3 lists wins.

The winner may choose any one of the following:

  • Each judge chooses a CD they like or are involved with, I buy and ship the pile to the winner.
  • Registered copy of Renoise, paid by me.
  • Renoise T-Shirt and Mouse pad, paid by me.

To submit your tune, either post a link in this thread or email me at [dac chartrand gmail com] if you want to keep it under wraps until the deadline.

Pro-tip rewind: This is not a remix competition. This is not a chiptune competition. Do not go out of your way to remix RBI Baseball. The theme is to be interpreted as loosely as possible and the goal is to take risks and make interesting/experimental breakbeat music.

Sounds good - I might even try and do breakcore (heh heh heh) …

But “RBI Baseball”? I don’t even know where to begin with that theme :P

Sounds interesting, but to me those winners from last time sound horrible. I guess my idea of “breakbeat” is just too mainstream for this sort of competition.

RBI Baseball!!! Can you spell EPIC???
This shit’s got my name written all over it MUAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, count me in. :)

This is definitely not a mainstream competition.

We have a different batch of judges this year so you may have better luck with whatever you think is music?

Winning this one is about finding the middle ground between breakbeat experimentalism and the judges, all coming from different backgrounds, liking your tune.

I wouldn’t say the entries were not music, just that they’re not to my particular taste. Maybe there is a middle ground of “experimental but not too dissonant” that is worth exploring.

I might just have to make some big beat for this :)

Me and p7 discussed it and we can’t find any connections with the RBI Baseball. So we decided that from now on the new topic is just: Balls. :D

In the end it’s all about the fun. My submission for the first compo was quickly composed in around 2 days and wasn’t that well received by the judges, but in the end it get’s played quite a lot outside the Renoise community and still has it’s fans. What i want to say mainly is… that even if you don’t win the compo you’ll probably winning in some other manner, nothing to lose here.

Would anyone mind posting this thread to the front page?

So, do we post tracks here or send them somewhere?

R.B.I. Baseball what the f.

I’m in?

I’ve updated the first post with my email address if you want to send them directly.

Posting in this thread is fine, though.

There we go, been sitting on it, and coming back to it all day…
Lemme know what ya’ll think

RBI Baseball - REMIX - MP3

RBI Baseball - Remix - XRNS file

Hahaha, yes!

Just so you know, this isn’t a remix competition, the judges don’t read this forum and won’t know the theme is RBI Bassball, ignoring the theme and making “good beats” is just fine.

So everyone, please don’t take RBI Baseball too literally or this will be a total miss-fire. The goal here is to make experimental beats, not remix RBI Baseball.

Also, the deadline is August 24th.


First post edited accordingly,

Thanks for the submission though. Definitely cool. I just don’t want it to set a precedent for everyone else.

Glad you like it, i thought the tune was so cool i wanted to extend on it.
I might add up some more chip tunes…that was fun :D

EDIT: i look like a fool now, entering a REMIX when the first post so clearly states its NOT a remix comp…

Here a link to an 8 Bit live Jam i did on this lickle program called C Basicore64
Dunno if you’d want to use it, i just want to chuck some of this 8 bit stuff out there.
It’s called UNDERME

EDIT: It’s not even a CHIPTUNE COMP anymore!!! shiiiiii

Well, this is fantastic. Much more appropriate for this contest. This is very good.

It never was. I just got harassed in the #renoise IRC chat channel to make it explicit. Sorry. :( NO FAT CHICKS. I MEAN NO CHIPTUNES.